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Best Women’s March Signs

Since the last presidential election, women’s marches have increased – and for good reason. The most recent march on Jan. 21 was a worldwide protest against new policies regarding human rights, immigration reform, health care and many others. So, this article is dedicated to the amazing woman who march and the very creative signs they make:


1. This amazing ode to a classic female badass.



2. Shout out to the dudes who stand with us.



3. This friendly reminder.




4. What we all want to scream.

Source: stuntcrew/Instagram


5. A true icon.

 Source: jazzyramen/Instagram 


6. This one is so real it hurts.


7. A shout out to Broadway.

 Source: Jay Deming


8. We grab back.

Source: Falzone


9. One of my personal favorites.

 Source: Pinterest


10. Last but not least this classic.

Source: Pinterest

Hope is currently a sophomore at Pennsylvania State University, where she is majoring in Media Studies and minoring in Theatre.
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