The BEST Drunk Food in State College

It’s 1 a.m., and you’ve just left the bar or a party downtown when suddenly, it hits you. No, it’s not that last tequila shot you probably shouldn’t have taken; it’s hunger. One of the best things about living in a college town like State College is the plethora of restaurants open practically until dawn that sell greasy, delicious food. From calzones to wings, we’ve rounded up the best places to go to satisfy your drunken food craving.  


Gumby’s Pizza

Ask any basic girl on this campus what their favorite food is in State College, and I guarantee they mention these delicious sticks of cheesy goodness.  


Canyon Pizza

Right in the center of downtown, this seems to be the place where most drunk people flock to. Why wouldn’t you? You can have a one-dollar pizza slice immediately handed to you over the counter. 


College Pizza

This is best place for some variety in your pizza craving or if you want to actually sit at a table inside while enjoying your food.


Bell’s Greek

Really looking to spice up your pizza order? Order a mac n cheese pizza that’s sure to please your hunger. 


Wings Over

Although it's not directly downtown, a delivery order is definitely worth it. Our favorite is the teriyaki flavor. 


D.P. Dough

Need a break from pizza? D.P. is the place to go late night. The Mac Daddy, a glorious calzone filled with mac n cheese and bacon, is a great, cheesy way to end a night out. 


Although it isn’t open late, Chipotle gets an honorable mention for being a post-daylong must.  

Whatever your drunken food choice decision may be, if it’s one of these, it’s guarenteed to be one of the better decision you made that night.