Behind the Scenes of THON: David Cruz, Public Relations Captain

We’ve all heard the numbers before: over 16,500 student volunteers, more than 136 million dollars raised and over 400 organizations participating.  However, what actually goes on leading up to and during the 46 hours that is the culmination of the largest student-run philanthropy in the world?  We’ve interviewed students in different roles to figure out how they’re contributing to making THON 2018 the best one yet.

Name: David Cruz

Year: Sophomore

Major: IST

Role: Promotions Captain

Committee: Public Relations 


Her Campus: What’s your favorite part of THON weekend?

David Cruz: Dancer stand is my favorite. It just is such a symbol of the beginning of such a great weekend. It is the culmination of all our year-long efforts and the beginning of the best weekend.


HC: You’re a sophomore. What made you want to be a captain after attending just one THON?

DC: I felt like I just got so much out of THON last year, and so much of that was because of my captain. It was truly so empowering, and then after talking to him about it, I was even more sure. THON is a great organization, and I am really so appreciative to have the position I have. Capitan is just a title really, I would be fine in any role, as long as I’m helping the cause.


HC: What is your favorite part of working with promotions?

DC: Well, in general for PR, I like having a say in how we outwardly face THON. With Promotions, I like having the ability to speak to others and talk about THON. Promotions is really just outreach, and I love just spreading all that THON really is. I think everyone should know what it is, so we never hear, “What exactly is THON?”


HC: What specifically does your committee during the year to prepare for THON?

DC: We help promote events and spread the word of THON. Throughout the year we help create posts for the social media pages and promote events such as the 5K, family carnival, different THON sporting events, and many more.


HC: So, what do you all do during THON weekend?

DC: The Public Relations committee is in charge of escorting press for THON weekend. We act as the face for THON making sure branding and messaging stays in line with our core values. We also are in charge of selling Diamond Guides.


HC: What are you looking forward to for THON 2018?

DC: I am looking forward to all the new THON volunteers on my committee, no words could describe how amazing THON weekend is, and just seeing their initial faces; smiles bright and hopes high.


Header Image: THON Public Relations