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Bama Rush Vs. Penn State Rush Fashion

I, like many other girls on campus, just finished Penn State Panhellenic Recruitment. Of course, when looking for outfit inspiration, I went straight to TikTok, which had thousands of videos with outfit ideas and advice on how to make it through the process.

TikTok’s “#BamaRush”, which cataloged girls’ rushing experience at the University of Alabama, was immensely popular in late August. After searching the hashtag, I was instantly greeted with hundreds of girls rushing southern schools showing off their LoveShackFancy dresses and accessories from their favorite small town boutiques.

As I went through recruitment, I looked around and saw that there was not a LoveShackFancy dress in sight. The fashion was extremely different, and it was interesting to see the differences.

Use this article as a lookbook for next year’s pledge class, and as a way to immortalize the viral trend of “BamaRush” TikTok.  


Penn State: simple gold hoops 

One of my favorite parts of picking out my recruitment outfits was accessorizing. Although it’s only a small part of the outfit, a solid belt or cute pair of earrings can really make your outfit stand out. When thinking about Penn State recruitment, one pair of earrings comes to mind: chunky gold hoops. These earrings definitely matched the sleek look many girls were going for this year. These earrings are super trendy and definitely tie an outfit together in a dainty, simple way. 

Bama: Statement pieces 

During recruitment in Alabama, earrings were bright, dazzling and the statement pieces in every girl’s overall look. Girls were wearing tassels and jewels that could be seen from a mile away. Some argue that when houses are meeting hundreds of girls a day, statement pieces make it easier to remember specific people. Whatever the reason, these earrings helped these girls stand out during rush and on TikTok.


Penn State: middle part sleek ponytail

The most popular look I saw was the sleek middle part ponytail. To go with the classy, New York look, the ponytail matched the clear, clean silhouette aesthetic that many girls went with for this recruitment. It’s the perfect balance between fashionable and functional that many people have taken advantage of this season.

Bama: Big Waves

When it comes to Alabama, the bigger the better. Large curls and waves were key to making you look as presentable as possible. Another popular trend in the hair I noticed was teasing. Just adding a little volume to your roots could be enough to push your look to the next level.


Handling the weather

Penn State: Gigantic coats and ugg boots 

As you all know, Pennsylvania and Alabama have very different weather. The Potential New Members (or PNMs) of Penn State sororities had to deal with bitter cold, icy sidewalks and below zero wind chills. If you looked out your window within the last week, there was a high chance you saw dozens of girls in Ugg boots and gigantic Canada Goose puffer jackets clutching a tote bag holding a change of shoes, since it was nearly impossible to make it far with the icy roads in high heels.

Bama: Mini fans and sweat towels 

The University of Alabama participates in fall recruitment, meaning they need to deal with the scorching Alabama heat. Girls are known for packing mini fans for the long days and mini towels to dab off sweat and not ruin their makeup throughout the day.

Penn State and Alabama recruitment are two opposite ends of the spectrum. We have to conquer polar opposite weather challenges and we do it in style, all without getting frostbite or having a heat stroke. Although we may not dress the same, Alabama and Penn State sorority girls are all bonded by the fact that we all have a deep love for our sisterhood, and we know how to persevere gracefully when fighting mother nature herself. 

Freshman Broadcast Journalism student at Penn State University.
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