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If someone sends me a text message or a Direct Message on Instagram or Twitter, one of three things will happen. I will either respond immediately, I will respond in a few hours or  I will respond in two or more days. There’s no in between. I know I’m not the only one like this and I won’t be the last. Why do I do this, and why am I a bad texter? There’s a variety of reasons and here are a few!

1. I Wasn’t Mentally or Emotionally Prepared for Any Type of Human Interaction

Not to toot my own horn here, but I lead a very busy life. I have a job, I take five classes and I’m in three very demanding clubs. So, when I have time to myself, which is a genuine rarity in my life, I want to relax. Just because I’m on Instagram scrolling my troubles away doesn’t mean that I’m ready to answer your text. I’m tired and others like me are tired! Let us relax!

2. Honestly, I fell asleep

Again, because of my busy schedule I don’t sleep much or properly. When I am in bed I could knock out at anytime. This is why I sometimes take two or ten hours between messages. 

3. I totally forgot

If I have my phone in my hand and I see that you texted me and I’m doing something else on my phone….. I’ll say to myself “I’m going to text them once I’m done liking this person’s pictures.” And then I never do it! I completely forget and see the message TWO DAYS LATER

Then boom! Just like that I become one of the worst texters of all time. I can admit and I’m claiming it but, in my defense, I’m an awesome person to talk to…. in person. 

Despite my horrendous texting skills, in person I’m always down to talk, laugh, smile and make memories. Why is it easier to communicate in person? 

Although people such as myself do get anxious in person at times, as people we can really dedicate ourselves to on conversation and not get lost in other things. We’re able to be in the moment! In person moments like this seem to get less and less common as social media grows in popularity. 

So, while it may be frustrating, bare with us horrendous texters. So what if it takes three days to get a response from me, catch me in person and you’ll have one of the best conversations of your life. If you can get a text back from me. Pro tip: if you think you’re dealing with a horrible texter, just call them. You’ll have better luck getting a response that way. 


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