Ariana Grande Hinted At “7 Rings” Far Longer Than We Thought

Recently, Ariana Grande dropped her newest song, “7 Rings”, which is about how Grande is so independent, successful and rich that she has enough money to afford literally whatever she wants. It’s truly a bop, but it made me realize how broke I am. It’s fine.

Grande is known for throwing continuous hints whenever a new song, music video or album is in the near future. When “7 Rings” was about to drop, she was posting Instagram pictures of her and her girls, wearing her iconic pink jacket that we see many time in her music, and captioning her photos with seven engagement ring photos. However, after doing some investigating, I discovered Grande hinted at “7 Rings” way back in October.

I’m not gonna lie, I was stalking her Instagram one night. It was 3 a.m. and I couldn’t sleep so I was sitting on instagram browsing through different things. All of a sudden, my 3 a.m. brain was curious to see if Grande had taken down all of Pete Davidson’s photos (spoiler: I found a few). While browsing, I stumbled upon this post from October 26th.

The caption on the picture says, “u hair? gee thanks… jus bought it.” If that sounds familiar, then you definitely recognize it from “7 Rings.” She hit us again with her subtle hints very long ago, and most people didn’t know this would be a lyric to one of the best hits in 2019. This was even before “Thank U, Next” was released, and before she announced her “Sweetener” world tour. Nice try Ariana, but we caught you.

Many fans seem to have caught on to the reference, too, commenting on her post with the next line after that: “I see, I like it, I want it, I got it.” Many of her fans found it clever of her to use a “7 Rings” reference, but did we expect any less from her?

This just goes to show how long Grande had been working on that song. It was most likely longer ago than October that her and her team started working to make that song a success. Because of this hard work, “7 Rings” is breaking records. It broke a record by selling 126,000 units since its release. Also, it has been played over 16.9 million times, beating Mariah Carey’s record, according to BBC News. It’s only been two weeks since Grande dropped her latest hit, so there are many more records to break. Her work has certainly paid off. Go Ari!