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9 Ways To Use Fresh Strawberries

Are strawberries your favorite fruit? Well, you are certainly not alone. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice fresh strawberry dessert? 


If so, I bet you’re happy to hear that strawberry season is approaching. Soon, we will all be able to go strawberry picking and get fresh strawberries for delicious meals and treats. There’s an array of ways to use these fresh fruits in new and refreshing ways. 


Here are nine new ways you can use and incorporate strawberries into your daily meals!
Fresh Fruit Parfaits

Make fresh fruit parfaits using the strawberries as a flavorful addition to the normal Greek yogurt. Add some granola, peanut butter powder, and fresh fruits into your regular vanilla yogurt. This will make for a delicious meal — especially a nice breakfast to start your day off right. 

Breakfast Foods

Add fresh strawberries to traditional breakfast foods, including:




-Banana Bread 



Can you think of a better way to improve these classic treats? Incorporate strawberries into these traditional breakfast items, which will compliment the dishes we know and love. 

You could also top a piece of toast or rice cake with strawberries in order to add extra flavor. Adding the fruit would also help you achieve your recommended daily fruit intake.

Fruit Smoothies

Smoothies are both filling and healthy. You could even mix in other fruits and condiments to make creative smoothie combinations. For instance, combine your freshly picked strawberries with chocolate sauce in the mixer. This will leave you with a smoothie tasting like chocolate-covered strawberries. 

Chocolate-covered Strawberries

Chocolate-covered strawberries aren’t confined to Valentine’s Day celebrations and anniversaries. You can eat these treats every single day if you please. Since you would be eating a fruit along with chocolate, you could also classify the treat as “healthy,” at least to some extent. 

Classic Strawberry Dessert Recipes

Whenever you think of strawberries, there are probably certain foods that come to mind. For instance, do you think of strawberry shortcake when you think of “strawberries.” 

Strawberry Lemonade
Strawberry Lemonade
Breanna Coon / Her Campus

Add some flavor into your homemade lemonade by including some fresh strawberries into the recipe. On a nice warm day, what’s better than sitting outside by the pool sipping some lemonade, or even better, strawberry lemonade? 

Compliment Your Salads

Cut up some strawberries and add them to your salad recipes. You could also add other fruits like tangerines, grapes and black berries. It is a great way to mix up the traditional salads. 

Upgrade Your Traditional Entree Recipes

Add strawberries to your favorite entrees. Tell me chicken breast with a strawberry glaze doesn’t sound delicious? How about a grilled chicken and strawberry salad wrap — doesn’t that sound great? There are so many creative cooking recipes out there for you to try!

Strawberry Salsa

Tired of snacking on the same old spicy salsa recipe? I completely agree with you. However, making strawberry salsa will be a nice twist on the traditional treat. These snacks are sweeter than regular salsa recipes, which is great for people with a sweet tooth. 

I hope you can get your strawberry fix this summer with these recipes and tricks!

Julia is a Penn State student double majoring in English and Journalism. She enjoys reading, writing, and volunteering with Relay for Life in her free time.
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