9 Ways To Celebrate THON Away From State College

It’s the greatest time of the year once again and no we aren’t talking about Christmas. THON 2017 is finally here. It’s the only thing that we would trek up University Dr. at 2 a.m. in the pouring rain or during the middle of a blizzard for and with the biggest smiles in the world across our faces. 15,000 strangers become family as we come together to laugh, to cry and to dance for the strongest heroes in the world, the kids.


As students, we wouldn’t miss THON for the world. But…if you’ve graduated, studying abroad, or you’re feeling the slightest bit sick (please don’t come to THON if you’re feeling even the tiniest bit under the weather) and have to miss THON this year, here are some ways you can show your support for the kids no matter how far away from Happy Valley you might be:


1. Tune into the THON webcast or 46 Live.

Can’t wait to see the line dance? Learn it with the rest of the BJC while watching one of the THON Livestreams!


2. Start dancing wherever you are.


You can support THON anywhere in the world, so turn on some of your favorite music and dance, FTK!


3. Make Kid’s Mail.

It might not reach them by THON 2017, but bring it to the THON office and a kid will still get it! THON is a yearlong effort and kid’s mail can bring a smile to a kid anytime of the year!


4. Tell everyone why you THON.


All over Facebook, your friends are probably posting pictures of them telling their friends and family why they THON. Create your own pic wherever you are, to help spread the message of THON!


5. Celebrate from home.


Grab your tutus and high socks, turn on those past line dances and get to it! Just because you can’t be there, doesn’t mean you can’t still dress like you’re on your way to the BJC!


6. Donate to THON.

Every penny makes an impact. You can donate at: https://donate.thon.org/


7. FaceTime someone at THON.


Okay, this might be a bit of a test because we know cell service in the BJC isn’t always the best during THON weekend, but definitely persuade one of your friends to try and let you dance with them (even if it’s through their phone).


8. Spread the word!


Share your favorite THON #tbt pics, post about THON on Facebook, or even share the livestream!


9. Let your friends at THON know you’re proud of them.


If they’re dancing, captains, committee members, org members, or just attended THON, it doesn’t hurt to send a text that you’re supporting them no matter where you might be! Even if they don’t see it until they’re laying in bed after THON, it never hurts to let people know they’re appreciated!    


No matter where you are you can still help to make a difference in the lives of those impacted by pediatric cancer. THON is about fighting for the strongest kids in the world, and we won’t stop until we see a day where cancer no longer exists.

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