9 Struggles Of Being The Long Island Friend In Your Squad

One of the biggest hurdles from going to a school out-of-state is that all people that grew up differently than you are usually from the same place. They make fun of your “accent” and use terms that you would never use at home. Being the only one in your friend group from a very discrete and different place outside of State College, or anywhere in Pennsylvania, is always a daily struggle.


1. Trying to explain to people why you are so loud

You guys think I’m loud? You should hear me when I’m with my family and friends.


2. Explaining that you don’t have an accent compared to most people

I don’t even sound like that!


3. Having to explain to people that you don’t go to the city every day and don’t live by it

I love it, but it’s not in my backyard.


4. People don’t understand traffic until they are on the LIE during rush hour


5. Not being able to understand “Senior Week” and “football games under the lights”

I wish I knew this kind of lifestyle, but I went to a football game once a year. And no, not everyone in my graduating class are friends.


6. Having to constantly hear, “Say drawer. Say coffee!”


7. Having people think they know what an actual bagel tastes like

There is no comparison.


8. Having people think you are snobby and rich before actually meeting you

Yes, there are more of us out there.


9. Not being able to talk to people who understand why it is the one place you love most

Ugh. The beaches, the pizza, the bagels and the shopping. I miss you, home.


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