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Girl Eating Banana Fruit Hoop Earrings Sex
Girl Eating Banana Fruit Hoop Earrings Sex
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8 Songs to Give You a Feeling of Sexual Empowerment

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

It isn’t a stretch to say that our culture creates a shameful atmosphere around sex but loves to profit off its symbolism within music, art, and any area. We can look at half-naked women selling us products from beauty supplies to tummy teas, but the idea of people receiving proper sex education and paying sex workers a fair wage is unheard of. I have personally had a very rocky relationship with sex due to this countries’ backward ideologies on sex and its boundaries. In recent years, I discovered a strong love of sex and a desire to treat that side of myself with respect. I do not try to hide my love of sex, I do not excuse slut-shaming, and I advocate fully for a revamping of the sex industry that treats the beings they profit off as people. It is not easy to make that step and I understand the people who love sex and wish to keep it hidden. To feel sexually empowered is to walk around with a target on your back. However, to all my lovers of sex, and even the non-lovers who just like to get funky, here is a list of some of my favorite songs about women who write about unapologetically loving sex. And they are good at it

  1. Need To Know – Doja Cat

Personally, the Doja Cat controversy a couple of years ago put me off her music. But it’s hard to hide from this queen’s discography. It is blasted everywhere and for good reason. Even people I know who do not mess with rap music love her. I’ve been turned and this track from her recent album “Planet Her” has had me in a trance. What a woman. This song is catchy, clever, and just makes Doja even hotter to me.

2. Love Me Harder – Ariana Grande ft. the Weeknd

Ariana Grande has had a range of songs over her career that convey an aura of passion and desire, with “Love Me Harder” being an old favorite. Ariana Grande has something about her songs that makes sex tender and powerful, even in a song encouraging rougher sex. The duet in the song plays perfectly into the steamy atmosphere of begging for deeper love.

3. Do Me – Kim Petras

What can I say, I love blunt songs. This song does NOT hide that it is about ass smacking, orgasming, and pissing off the neighbors. This song by trans queen Kim Petras is an anthem for the pillow princesses who like to bite back. Listening to this song makes me feel like candy, sweet and sexy.

4. S&M – Rihanna

Pour one out for a real one, no wonder people never stop asking her to come back to music. Rihanna really said here are some hits, bye. This was the ORIGINAL freak song. When it comes to the representation of the BDSM community, this isn’t the most accurate song so take it with a grain of salt. However, is it funny, sexy, exciting, and going to have you acting out on a Saturday night? Yes. Get your bondage tools ready, girls.

5. Duck Duck Goose – Cupcakke

This whole list could be Cupcakke if I wanted to be lazy. I want to discuss something about Cupcakke that I think is a problem. Many people know her for her raunchy music; however, she is an incredible rapper and is often misjudged due to some of her more explicit songs. Her art is very diverse going from discussions on beauty standards to CSA. Another factor here is the fact she is a dark skin, thick black woman. Otherwise, she’d be getting the Doja treatment of being seen as fun rather than dirty. BUT this song is EXPLICIT, freaks only. I am not playing. You will come out of that song taking physical damage.

6. Morning – Teyana Taylor ft. Kehlani

The bisexual girls…were serving. The women loving women were fed. Kehlani is just living her best life kissing and being up against some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. And I would give my left eye just to have Kehlani hold me. Warning that no gross male gaze is allowed on this video, or I will slay you where you stand. This video had my bisexual self on the floor. Honestly, where was this song when I was in middle school? It would have made my gay awakening less awkward. 1000/10.

7. WAP – Cardi B ft. Megan Thee Stallion

Do I need to say more?? I know this track by heart. This is an anthem song, full stop. I don’t like Cardi B for multiple reasons, but she revitalized the sex movement and is selling it for a big profit. With the certified freak on there, we get a hard beat made for grinding and lyrics that you can scream anywhere with you and your fellow freaks.

8. Big Ole Freak – Megan Thee Stallion

I remember when Megan was making Youtube video rap songs fighting to get 1 million views #originalfan. It’s time to go back to her roots. Similar to “Love Me Harder,” this song has an aura of tenderness to it, while still maintaining Megan’s sexual prowess. Contrary to popular belief, Megan makes much more self-confident, bad biddie songs rather than actual sex songs. There’s a big difference between proclaiming your sexiness and your power, rather than talking about actual sex. This song gets deeper into the seduction of it all. It encompasses all the ideas of sexual empowerment. Love sex and don’t give attention to people who tear you down for it.

Hello, Lovelies! This is your world, but I am making a fuss in it! I am Ngozi Nwokeukwu, a third-year Telecommunications Major currently writing for both HERCAMPUS and MorphoMag! Let me take you on a tour of this mind of mine.