8 Moments That Made You Realize You’re Washed Up

Eventually, it’s going to happen to you. You realize the glory days are coming to a close and you’d rather drink a glass of wine (not from a box) and watch Netflix than drink warm Natty Light in an overcrowded frat basement.  While this realization happens for everyone at a different time, it’s bound to happen sooner or later.  Here are eight times that will make you realize you’re definitely washed up.  

1. You see freshman out in convocation shirts and actually get jealous instead of rolling your eyes at their inexperience.


2. A younger girl asks you why you’re at a frat party.


3. Another younger person at the same frat party asks if you are still a student.


4. You haven’t had a class in Forum in at least three semesters.


5. Frackets?  Please. You’d rather dress for the weather rather than freeze in a crop top and skirt.


6. You’re affectionately called “Grandma” by at least one person in your squad.  


7. Someone asks you if you know where a building is on campus because you look old enough to know your way around.


8. The idea of drinking Crown Russe or Vlad fills you with nostalgia (and nausea).


Don’t take it personally, collegiettes. It’s bound to happen to everyone.