8 Makeup Products You Need Right Now

Makeup is a crucial part of my daily routine. When I don’t wear it, I feel weird and naked. While I like trying new things, I have a lot of reliable products that go on my face every single day. Here are my favorite products that you can try to help yourself feel #flawless:


1. Tarte Shape Tape 

Image via Tarte Cosmetics

This stuff is an absolute godsend. Any mark I have on my face practically vanishes with the tiniest bit of product. I can go out with just this on and feel completely confident.


2. Urban Decay

Image via Urban Decay

My eyeshadow has never lasted longer. The best part is that it never clumps up and isn’t visible under my eyeshadow. This stuff is a miracle when I need to look fierce all day.


3. Tartelette Toasted

Image via Tarte Cosmetics 

I’ve always been a huge Tarte fan, and this is the palette I use every single day. I can go very natural or I can have the most intense fiery eye look I have ever had. It has made me so confident in my looks.


4. Stila All-Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Image via Stila Cosmetics 

I’ve used every kind of eyeliner at this point, and this is my favorite. It’s so pigmented and doesn’t smear, even if I accidentally rub my eyes.


5. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Image via Too Faced Cosmetics 

The title reigns true. This stuff is actually better than sex. My lashes have absolutely never looked better. I was a weird little kid and tried pulling out my eyelashes so they’re still a little short, but this makes me feel a million times better.


6. Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Palette

Image via Tarte Cosmetics

This is my favorite palette for more dramatic looks. All of the colors but one are foil, so I get to be my sparkly diva self when I’m feeling it. Sometimes this palette brightens up my whole day just by looking at it


7. Real Techniques Sponge

Image via Real Techniques Sponges

The real beauty blender is way too expensive. I got one of these for $6 and it has held up so well. It doesn’t eat up my foundation and makes sure that I get an even coat everywhere.


8. Stila HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara

Image via Stila Cosmetics

This mascara makes me feel BOLD af. When I walk in the room with lashes covered in this, heads turn.


Let us know your thoughts on these products!