8 Incredible Budget-Friendly Makeup Products

For some of us, makeup is our life blood. I personally eat, sleep and breathe eyeshadow and lip gloss. But we aren’t all getting PR in the mail from Jeffree Star or Pat McGrath. And, being in college, we might not have the steadiest or best income to supply our habit...unless that’s just a me problem. To save your wallet, here are some of the best makeup products for $10 and under!

  1. This eyeliner is smooth and applies like a dream. It comes in seven different colors (I personally love the pink shade "ducky") to really enhance your look. I rarely use a liner that isn't a felt tip, and sometimes those are a little expensive. But Colourpop is taking care of your wallet.


    Price: $8

    Available at colourpop.com and in stores at Ulta

  2. This is the primer that literally broke the internet. Dubbed by Jeffree Star as a dupe for Tatcha silk canvas with an unbeatable price point, this primer sold out for months. It is sold in the shade "universal sheer" and does an amazing job of filling in your pores. I've found that it works best with an e.l.f. foundation, but it truly does work with anything.


    Price: $8

    Available from e.l.f. and Ulta

  3. This primer is very different from the Poreless Putty, but it is equally amazing in my humble opinion. It comes in a tube and has a little bit of an odd smell, but nothing too overpowering. It looks a little bit like a clear hair gel when it comes out of the tube, but it genuinely makes my face look blurred.


    Price: $4.99

    Available at Target, Ulta, Amazon, Various Drugstores and Wal-Mart

  4. Despite having created the infamous Flashback Mary (rest in peace James Charles's career), Coty Airspun is a classic and cheap staple. It comes in a massive tub for anywhere between $5 and $7 depending on where you get it. The only issue I have with this powder is the fact that it has an overwhelming smell of kind of baby powder but somehow stronger. It is a small price to pay though for excellent quality.


    Price: $5-$7

    Available at Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Dollar General, and various drug stores

  5. I had never tried a plumping gloss before this one, and I absolutely fell in love. It is not too intense of a tingling feeling which I know a lot of people do not like. My personal favorite shade is "True Lyfe," but it comes in 24 stunning shades. 


    Price: $6

    Available from Colourpop

  6. I have tried a million foundations at this point, from drugstore to luxury. This is my absolute favorite drugstore foundation. I have a pretty oily nose, and I am notorious for losing all of the foundation on my nose by like 3 p.m.. This sticks around very well and keeps me looking fresh all day. There is a little bit of fragrance to it, but nothing to overwhelming and I actually find it quite delightful. 


    Price: $6

    Available at Target, e.l.f. cosmetics and various drugstores

  7. I just have to say that there are 94 freaking shades of these super shock shadows. These eyeshadows feel like literal butter and have the most intense pigment I have ever seen. They come as single shadows and they will last you quite a while. I personally apply mine with my fingertip unless I'm blending it up into the crease.


    Price: $6

    Available from colourpop and Ulta

  8. Yet another thing I've tried a million of; mascaras. I do love luxury mascaras because they are usually way less clumpy, but I think I have found a new true love. Essence Lash Princess has the wand and formula of a luxury but for what I consider to be the world's best price point for mascara. I hate fake lashes, but this mascara makes me look like I'm wearing them and it is iconic. 


    Price: $4.99

    Available at Ulta, CVS, Amazon and various drug stores

Happy shopping collegiettes! Your wallet will thank me later!