The 8 Emotional Stages of Getting Starbucks

Whether you’ve just rolled out of bed or you’re a morning person who’s been awake for two hours (teach me your ways), you find yourself headed to Starbucks for your morning coffee. Without the caffeine from your go-to coffee or your favorite Refresher in your hand, it’s hard to feel too many emotions - but here are eight that summarize what we all go through in order to get one cup of Starbucks:


1. Excitement

Knowing you’ll have that cup in your hand soon makes the morning better.

2. Horror

You knew there would be a line - there’s always a line. You just didn’t think it would be that long today.

3. Boredom

After scrolling through Instagram, checking your friends’ Snapchat stories, and looking at your Twitter feed, you realize you’ve only moved five feet.

4. Hope

It feels like you’ve been in this line forever (especially since you haven’t had any caffeine yet), but suddenly you realize there’s only five people left in front of you!

5. Joyful

Some guy steps away from the counter and the barista turns to you saying for the millionth time that morning, “I can help the next person in line!” You walk over, almost floating on clouds, and tell them your order (I recommend an iced mocha without whipped cream or a hot white chocolate mocha if you’re looking for suggestions).

6. Anticipation

You did it! You finally ordered and now they’re making your drink. It’s great, and if you weren’t so tired you’d probably be a lot more excited. You can barely wait, especially since you have a class to get to in 15 minutes.

7. Boredom (again)

You kind of forgot about this part. After standing in line to actually order your drink, now you have to wait for the wonderful, caffeine-gifting baristas to make your drink. The problem is they have to make the orders of everyone ahead of you first.

8. Bliss

Finally - there it is! They call out your name (hopefully spelled correctly), and you and your drink are free!