8 Of The Best Things At Trader Joes


    It’s probably the most difficult thing to cook, but once you figure it out, it’s delicious. Even if things go terribly wrong in the cooking process, it still tastes good.

  2. Tastes just like regular pesto, it just doesn’t have all of the cheese in it. And it’s about half the calories;)

  3. It’s frozen but it’s so good. 

  4. It’s a little spicy but not too hot.

  5. So easy to make, unlike the cauliflower gnocchi. Goes well with any sauce too.

  6. They taste just like regular potato chips and have less fat.

  7. The crunch from the flax and chia seeds makes it so much better than smooth peanut butter. It’s best on toast with bananas and honey.

  8. It’s just what it says, everything but the bagel. It makes everything better. Seriously, everything. Eggs, avocado toast, veggies. Everything.