7 Things You Could Do Instead Of Posting A Problematic Facebook Status

Life is already stressful enough, the last thing anyone wants to see when they open up Facebook is someone’s super offensive or problematic status. I know sometimes our emotions get the best of us, but trust me, there are a ton of things you could do instead of hitting “post.”


1. Do some research

If you’re feeling a Facebook rant coming on, it might be best to make sure you know what you’re talking about, that being said, see number two.


2. Read a credible news source

They’re out there, I promise you. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to do but it’s so important that you do. The Associated Press is a good one to turn to if you’re lost.


3. Make someone smile

Posting something nice or cute will make everyone smile, instead of cringing when they see your status.


4. Take a deep breath and walk away for an hour or two

Come back and then make sure you do all of the steps over again (just don’t hit send).


5. Learn some interesting facts about pugs

Because everyone needs this kind of information in their life.


6. Ask beneficial questions

No snarky undertones, just try to remain open minded and see the other person’s side.


7. Talk to your mom

She’ll listen, moms are great. And if she won’t listen, maybe your dog will?  

We’ve all seen how toxic some posts on social media can be, so if you’re thinking about hitting post, it might be smart to think twice.