7 Things You Cannot Live Without In Your Dorm

College move in season is almost upon us. Maybe you’ve bought all your stuff and maybe you haven’t given it one thought (it’s cool either way). Now this list isn’t the basics, like bedding and clothes and stuff, it’s a list of the small things that fall to the wayside as you search for hours trying to find the perfect comforter. These are all things I’ve used and consider essentials throughout my two years in college. Here we go...

  1. 1. Waterproof Boots

    GET A PAIR OF ALL WEATHER BOOTS! Walking to class in a torrential downpour and having your sneakers soaked for the rest of the day is NOT fun (don’t be like me, it was the worst day of my life). You can have rain boots and winter boots but you can also buy one pair. Duck boots are a great option because the bottom is waterproof and the shoe covers above your foot.

  2. 2. Dish Soap and a Sponge

    Dirty dishes are disgusting. Having soap on hand that can cut through the grime still left on your bowl or plate that’s been sitting out for a few days is vital. And make sure you have a sponge and a towel JUST for dishes cause you don’t want to dry your hands with the same thing that cleaned your week old mac&cheese dish.

  3. 3. An Umbrella

    Keep it in your backpack because you never know when a pop up shower is gonna happen.

  4. 4. A Fan

    It’s always nice to have air conditioning but you never know if your room’s gonna have it. Also, I know that I get hot after walking back from class so a fan is never a bad idea for those times.

  5. 5. Shower Shoes

    You’re most likely sharing a shower/bathroom with other people at school. You don’t really know where people’s feet have been and what germs could be lurking on the floor. It’s so easy to find a pair, just go get $1 flip flops from the dollar store or Walmart.

  6. 6. A Sweatshirt

    On the flip side of the temperature spectrum, you never know when you’re gonna get cold. Sometimes the classrooms you’re in have the AC kranked up 1000% so it’s always good to have something to keep you warm in those situations. It seems obvious, but you'll thank me later. 

  7. 7. First Aid Kit

    This might seem silly but you never know what ailment or problem you might have at school. Take some time and make a kit filled with things you think you’ll need like bandages, alcohol wipes, safety pins, pain meds, cough drops, etc. You’re definitely going to feel under the weather at some point during the semester so be prepared.