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7 Things I Need From The Princess Diaries 3

The third installation to Princess Diaries series was announced earlier this month, and to be quite honest, I’m still not over it. Being the very first movie that I ever watched in theaters, the Princess Diaries is very close to my heart, and you’d better believe I’ll be right back there, front row, during the premiere of the next addition to this series. 


Here’s a list of the 7 things I’m hoping to see in the Princess Diaries 3!

Mia’s reign over Genovia

The first two movies showed us the initial stages of Mia’s transformation from a socially awkward high school girl to sudden princess, and her ultimate coronation as Queen of Genovia. We can assume that by the third installation of this franchise, Mia has become quite successful in her designated role as queen. From challenging outdated customs, and meeting the needs of her people, to following the true desires of her heart, Mia is a solid role model for girls of every age, and I can’t wait to see where her next journey takes her.

The Old Trio back together again

Mia and Lily’s friendship had its highs and lows throughout this series, but it’s quite evident that no matter how bad things may get, they’ll always be there for each other. We were blessed with an ultimate best friend reunion when Lily popped up in Mia’s closet and surprised her in Genovia during the second movie, but I couldn’t help but wonder why her twin brother, Michael (and prior love interest of Mia) didn’t accompany her on this trip. I can only hope to see the trio officially reunited in the upcoming movie, even if there is no future in the cards for Mia and Michael.

Wedding Bells for Nicholas and Mia

Speaking of love interests, the last movie left us a hopeful, sprouting romance between Mia and Lord Nicholas Devereaux after a series of love-hate interactions throughout the course of the plot. I couldn’t help but fangirl at the possibility that Chris Pine may make a return for the final movie in this series, and I can only cross my fingers that he and Mia will have their happily ever after.

Reconcile between Lana and Mia

There’s really nothing sweeter than old enemies coming to neutral ground, and who’s better suited for a reconciliation than Mia and her old high school bully Lana Thompson? After eighteen years, I would hope surely that Lana has matured into a much kinder person than her former self, and it would be really heartwarming to see her and Mia reunite on much better terms.

Mia’s baby brother

I can only imagine that Mia’s baby brother Trevor is all grown up now! Her younger brother, appeared in the sequel as the newborn son of Mia’s mother, Helen, and her previous teacher, Patrick, and I can only wonder how he feels to have the Queen of Genovia as an older sister to look up to? I would love to see the filmmakers explore this interesting dynamic in the upcoming movie.

Fat Louie

Never to be forgotten, what would Mia do without her royal pet “Fat Louie”? We all know the unspoken sad truth about pet’s and their life timelines, but I refuse to believe that an exception can’t be made to bring this furry friend back to the screen one more time.

Grandmother Clarisse

Lastly, but certainly not least, Grandmother Clarisse should be making her grand appearance in the final movie, because after all, the entire story would not have been possible without her. Throughout the entire series, Clarisse served as a mentor to Mia and raised her into the literal queen that she is today. Despite how accomplished Mia may be, I’m sure she still relies on her grandmother to provide her with the utmost amount of wisdom that she can possibly obtain.

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