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Seven Reasons Why Sal Vulcano is an Icon

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Celebrity look-alike this, Celebrity doppelgänger that… What about celebrity personality twin? Who is your celebrity twin flame, even though they might not know it?

Mine, since you asked, is Sal Vulcano, most famous for starring in the popular hidden-camera TV show, “Impractical Jokers.” 

I grew up with “Impractical Jokers.” My family and I tuned into their first episode in 2011 and it remains my comfort show today.

I will project the show on everyone in my life until they watch reruns. And even when they say, “Oh, I’ve seen this one,” they will be forced to watch it again. 

We are similar in talking to our friends, cracking sarcastic jokes, being witty, enjoying our little luxuries and personal space and sporting a spiffy pair of sneakers. Neither of us has patience for minor inconveniences but loves a morning coffee. 

Below I listed some reasons why I think Vulcano is an icon.

  • His contagious laugh

If laughing makes you live longer, Vulcano is immortal.

He has the most enjoyable laugh; if something is outwardly funny, he will fall over. I could write about his laugh forever, but it wouldn’t be as impactful as you just watching this compilation video:

  • His cute, awkward personality

He is nerdy and charismatic in the best way possible— not overly cocky but willing to step outside his comfort zone to not lose the episode.

His dialect is hilarious, and the way he panics when told to do something difficult is relatable and funny. He, in my opinion, is the funniest because he is the most embarrassed by what he’s said to do. 

  • His sense of style

In every episode of “Impractical Jokers,” Vulcano can be spotted repping a non-creased pair of chunky sneakers. He takes great pride in keeping them safe and will screech if they are in danger.

You can also expect him to wear a graphic t-shirt and jean bottoms on set. If he breaks out his square frame lenses, he means business.

  • His random phobias

If Vulcano ever loses a challenge and is the episode’s “Biggest Loser,” odds are the other guys will focus on outing one of his phobias. His most popularized ones are fears of cats, germs, heights and the occasional annoying children.

So random but so valid and honest of him.

In one punishment, the Jokers combined all those phobias into one “Elevator from Hell.”

  • He is a podcast king

Being the icon he is, Sal Vulcano has hobbies and things to do outside of his “Impractical Jokers” universe.

He currently co-hosts two comedy podcasts on No Presh Network: “Taste Buds” with Joe DeRosa and “Hey Babe!” with Chris Distefano. 

“Taste Buds” starts as a regular podcast between Sal and Joe talking about whatever they want and halfway through, they start battling about what they think is a better food item.

At the end of the episode, they go to a Twitter poll to see what the fans say wins. There are never any hard feelings at the end.

It gets comedically aggressive— very high stakes and loud for no reason.

One of my favorite episodes!

“Hey Babe!” on the other hand, has no central theme and is just fun, goofy banter between two men who love to embrace their feminine side now and then create inside jokes that seem to travel from episode to episode.

You may know the podcast from when it went viral on TikTok for the “Tubberware” vs. “Tupperware” debate. 

  • He is tatted up!

Did you know that Vulcano has not one but TWO tattoos of Jaden Smith on his thighs? Doesn’t that make you love him more?

He got the first from an “Impractical Jokers” episode punishment and the latter was from the “Impractical Jokers Movie.”

I bet Willow Smith is absolutely kicking the air.

This occurred in the Impractical Jokers movie
  • He is taking his comedy to the next level

As mentioned, Vulcano has always felt embarrassed when partaking in some “Impractical Jokers” challenges. Moreover, big in-person crowds were never something he was completely comfortable with.

That’s why it is so exciting that he has been on a stand-up comedy tour for the last few months.

He is presenting material he worked very hard on to fans worldwide— onto bigger things!

Bottom line…

The bottomline is: Vulcano lights up any room he walks in, and that’s evident when you watch any media he works on. From “Impractical Jokers,” both podcasts, the stand-up comedy he has begun and any other endeavors, he is bound to make you smile.

While Vulcano is my number one icon, I understand he may not be yours. However, I hope this love letter of an article has given you a few more reasons to believe he deserves the world.

Julia is a third-year advertising student with minors in digital media trends & analytics and sports studies. Some of her favorite things are fantasy football, going to concerts, cute baby animals and spiked ice coffees from Doggie's Pub.