7 Lucky Tricks to Throw a New Year’s Eve Party

Follow these seven steps to ensure a night of good luck as you and your guests welcome a prosperous 2020!

  1. 1. Choose a theme

    Pick an easy simple theme and revolve your decorations around it. NYE is all about the glamour and reminiscing on the past year, so start with that, and go from there! Also, some of the best decorations are DIY! So don’t stress about the nitty gritty, just have fun instead! 

  2. 2. Be creative with your food & beverages 

    The holidays are the perfect excuse to let your creative juices flowing, so try a cute champagne or sangria bar (21+). Add glitter for that NYE touch!

  3. 3. Make a playlist ahead of time

    Choose your music around the theme of your party; for New Years, play music from the last year! 

  4. 4. Require a ~fancy~ dress code

    New Years Eve is one of the only nights of the year that wearing all things glitter and sequins is acceptable! Go all out! Plus, it’s great for pictures. 

  5. 5. Have fun games to play

    Whether it be drinking games or just for fun, tailor it to your chosen theme! Games help set the tone of the night with laughter, and always help make your guests feel comfortable and welcome! 

  6. 6. Have celebration supplies

     Everyone loves making loud noises and wearing festive headbands/hats as they “ring” in the new year, so make sure to have enough for everyone to take part of the celebration! 

  7. 7. Have a photo station

    Taking pictures is probably the most popular thing to do at a big party where everyone is dressed up. Allow your guests to capture the night; set up a “selfie station” or photo booth with fun NYE themed props.