6 Reasons That "The Good Place" Is The Best Forking Show On Television

The Good Place comes back to NBC tonight and I could not possibly be more excited. This show combines some of TV’s best actors and actresses with hilarious absurdist humor to make one of the most original shows in years. If you aren’t already hooked, here are 6 reasons you need to hop on the trolley. If you’d seen the show, you’d get that reference.

  1. 1. The Cast Is Unmatched

    I never thought I would see Ted Danson, Jameela Jamil, and Kristen Bell all in the same room, but here we are. This cast works seamlessly together.

  2. 2. It Give Us An Answer To Life's Biggest Question

    What happens after death? Well, if we're all very lucky, we'll get to meet Kristen Bell! But seriously, this gives us a slightly less abstract version of what the afterlife could be which is crazy to even think about. 

  3. 3. The Humor Is Way Different Than Anything Else On TV

    The Good Place has this crazy mix of absurdist, intellectual and just general humor. Some of the things that come out of people's mouths on this show are insane. But it also reflects our own lives in a way, especially when you have days where something weird happens and no one believes you. 

  4. 4. Janet Is An Icon

    Janet is an all-knowing "not a girl" and "not a robot" database that knows everything about the world. She accompanies the main characters everywhere and has some of the best lines in TV history. There's an episode in season three where...nah, I won't tell you. You'll have to take a look yourself.

  5. 5. The Euphemisms For Swearing

    So you can't swear in the good place, so the things these words are turned into make up the best sentences. Fork, shirt, bench, you never know what you're going to hear. Eleanor is the biggest proponent of the swearing knock offs, and they are amazing. 

  6. 6. You Might Actually Learn Something

    The whole show is based around ethics, with Chidi being a professor of moral philosophy. I have genuinely learned a lot about ethics and morality through watching the show. It really freaks my parents out when I bring up ethical issues and use quotes from the show.

Sadly, this will be the last season of The Good Place. You can catch up on Netflix and check it out tonight at 9 PM Eastern. Holy mother forking shirt balls, you won't regret it.