6 (Extremely Believable) Excuses to Give Your Friends When You Don't Feel Like Going Out

We’ve all been there before. You’re in your bed wearing sweatpants watching Friends on your laptop while chip crumbs are scattered all over your keyboard. All of a sudden, your phone buzzes and you look over to see the dreaded “what time are we going out tonight” text. You groan and try to come up with an excuse that will get you out of going out but nothing comes to mind and also you low key have FOMO so you begin panicking and end up at a frat. Well panic no more because I have comprised a list of 6 excuses that will get you out of going out and allow you to return to your Friends marathon.

1.  I have an 8 ½ page essay due tomorrow and I’m only on page 3 ½2. I would but I have to feed my hamster and he eats very slowly3. I’m sick with the Bubonic Plague and wouldn’t want to cause another Black Death4.  I have a 10 PM class on Thursday’s/Friday’s/Saturday’s5. My legs fell asleep 2 hours ago and I don’t want to wake them up6. I really just don’t feel like it

Hope this helps and happy binging!