5 Ways To Make $20 Last Two Weeks

Imagine this: you’re sitting in class and your stomach is growling. You decide that you’re going to stop at McDonald’s on your way home and pick up some food. Before you go, you decide to check your bank account because you hadn’t checked it in a few days. To your surprise (but not really) you find a very low number; as low as $20.  


This tends to happen to us college students a lot. I get paid, think I’m rich all of the sudden, then start blowing my money on unnecessary things like clothes and frappuccinos. Good news is we will all get paid again soon enough, so we just have to make a number like $20 last one week. Here’s how to make it work.

  1. 1. Stay Far, Far Away From That Starbucks Counter

    I know, coffee is so good. So are frappuccinos and refreshers. It’s almost painful. When you only have $20 in your bank account, the goodness will have to wait. It seems like spending a few bucks on a drink is not too bad, but when you buy it all the time, the money starts to add up. Once you get paid, you can reward yourself for saving money.

  2. 2. Close The Online Shopping Tabs In Your Browser

    Online shopping is addicting, and it is a classic way to spend all of your money. However, with only $20, you can’t afford much online. Just tell yourself this: I don’t need it, I don’t need it, I don’t need it.

  3. 3. Grocery Shop, Don't Order In

    While it sounds like grocery shopping is just as expensive, think of it like this. You spend $5 on a meal at McDonalds and you have dinner for one night. You spend $5 on a box of spaghetti and sauce at the store, you have dinner for a few nights. Here’s a pro tip for the future: try to do some shopping right when you get paid so you have some food for when you’re broke.

  4. 4. If You Don't Have A Dining Plan, Stay OUT Of The Dining Hall!

    If you have a meal plan, that’s great. Must be nice. Remember, we all had meal plans as freshmen, which meant we had a 65% discount in the dining halls. Without a meal plan, we realize how expensive the dining hall really is. Again, use some of that $20 to grocery shop. Don’t spend it on the dining hall either.

  5. 5. Last, But Certainly Not Least, Stay OUT Of The Bars.

    You had to live without the bars until you were 21, so I’m sure you’ll be fine for the weekend. You may have to suffer through Natty at a frat, but it’s better then waking up the next morning to find your $20 is gone.