5 Time Management Tips

There are three things every college student always needs more of: money, food, and time.  With the campus buzzing with so much to do at every hour of the day, and even at night, it can be challenging to find the time to study for that exam tomorrow or finish that homework assignment that’s due for your 8 am. 

There is no quick cure for being broke. As we all know, there is no cure for being hungry, unless you are miraculously no longer broke. But, there IS something you can do to make the most out of your time. Time management is something that everyone should at least try to be skilled at. When managing school and a social life, there are five simple tips that, if followed, will give you more time than you ever imagined you could have.

1.  Above all else, purchase a planner.

Buying a planner is one of the most important steps you can take to achieve effective time management skills. For all of you who are tech savvy, your phone or other electronic device works just as well! Writing everything down not only helps you remember, but also gives you a hard copy of everything in case you do forget.

2.  At the start of the semester, go through the syllabus for each class and write everything down (in your handy new planner, of course).

By writing down exams and larger assignments that are due from the beginning, it is already all there in one place so there is no need to check each syllabus individually each week. Also, by writing things down immediately, you can make plans without worrying that something may be due or that you may have an exam you have to study for.

3.  Lay out your home work schedule by the date that it is due.

By laying out your pile of home work in order of importance, you will feel more at ease when you start completing assignments because the further down you are on your list, the later the assignments are due. This system also allows you to take breaks in between assignments, which is good.  You are more likely to get everything done in less time if you are not overwhelmed and are more relaxed.

4.  When you know an exam is coming up in the next week or so, start studying little by little.

By studying a little each night, you won’t have to devote the entire day before the exam to studying. When you think you don’t want to start studying now, just think about how great it will be when you can go out on Saturday night instead of cramming for your big exam Monday morning.

5.  Use social events or plans as rewards.

If there is a scheduled event coming up that you just can’t live without attending, by all means, go! This will be incentive to at least begin the assignment. Set a goal for yourself that you cannot attend this event unless you study for a certain amount of time or complete a certain amount of the homework that is due. By doing this, you can keep up with your It's safe to say that if you follow these five simple steps, stay organized, keep up on class work, and, most importantly, manage your time effectively; you will be able to maintain academic success and a social life. Time management will allow you to enjoy your college experience to the fullest and not have to miss out on anything.  What more could you ask for?