5 Thoughts Of A Transfer Student

It’s hard enough adjusting to college once, let alone twice…well for me, three times.


Everyone who transfers from one school to another does it for all different reasons and has different experiences, but there are a few things I think all transfer students can relate to.

  1. 1. There really is no such thing as a “perfect school.”

    Or rather, there is no such thing as someone fitting into a school perfectly. No matter how big or small the reason you decided to transfer, there’s always a reason it didn’t work. For me, it took some time to come to peace with this concept, ultimately because I so badly wanted myself to fit perfectly into my school like all my friends fit in with their schools.

  2. 2. Why is everything the same yet SO DIFFERENT?!

    I’m talking student union buildings, classrooms, online class portals, libraries, school breaks - the list can go on forever! This was the biggest pet peeve of mine. I finally got used to how one school operated, and then I had to get used to the same concepts but everything was entirely different. I wish every university used the same software, had the same set up of buildings and ran on the same academic calendar.

  3. 3. My credits better transfer over!

    I thought this about a thousand times while transferring. For me, I transferred because I wanted to, so I took the risk of my credits not coming over on my transcript. However, in no way did I want to spend extra money and give extra effort for similar courses just because they didn’t align with my schools’ major requirements. It’s a very nerve-racking feeling and if it doesn’t work out in your favor – it can just be a real mood changer.

  4. 4. Okay – I’m NOT a freshman! 

    I thought this an ample amount of times as well. Explaining to people that you are a transfer student is annoying, but when they ask about what you did the previous year and your response is, “oh, I wasn’t here last year,” they automatically think you’re a freshman, or at least they classify you as one. This makes making friends a lot harder than it already is. Friendships start with connecting with other people, and being a transfer student can be a real roadblock.

  5. 5. Did I make the right decision?

    Gosh, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had this thought. Actually, I might as well say it was my life motto for about two years. What I’ve come to realize is, you will never know. Telling yourself that “everything happens for a reason” and “what’s meant to be will be,” are your best answers. Now, I’m sure this is not an accurate representation for every transfer student, but I think this is a relatable thought for most. Also, tell your mind to look forward and not backwards…live your life with no regrets!

There are many other thoughts that transfer students can relate over, but these are the ones that consistently stick out to me when I think about my transfers. Transferring schools is not a bad thing! There is absolutely no way to know where you are “supposed” to be for your college years, but all we can do is try things out and make the most of our experiences – if that involves switching schools, then take the steps to make that switch.