5 Signs You Know It’s Time To Go Back To State

During exam week, the greatest motivation for staying focused was remembering that soon you would get to return home for three whole weeks. Sure, the first two weeks were a great time to catch up with friends and family, sleep in your bed, eat at your favorite hometown spots and not have to go to class. However, it seems like the last week is going to continue on for eternity. Here are some signs you know it’s time to head back to Happy Valley:


1. You’ve tried to pay for something using your school ID.

Let’s face it, it’s happened to all of us at least once. You get to the register and pull your card out without hesitation or remembering that your neighborhood deli doesn’t take Lion Cash. After a few seconds of the cashier not asking, “Cash or points?” you realize your embarrassing mistake.

2. You’ve become your younger sibling’s free taxi service.

When you agreed to, “just run your brother over to his friend’s house,” per request of your mother, you thought it would be a good time to catch up. However, he just ignored you and played on his phone the whole time. After a few times of this “being helpful,” you’re overhauling your younger sibling around, but your mom doesn’t accept any of your somewhat clever excuses. Next thing you know, you’re playing carpool mom every afternoon, and you’re thanking God you don’t have any children of your own yet.

3. You finished the series you were watching on Netflix.

Winter break is the perfect time to start that new show on Netflix that your friends have been obsessing about. However, after all five seasons are over, you begin to go through withdrawal. How are you going to make it through the rest of break now that you know the true identity of Gossip Girl or without Meredith and Yang to entertain you?

4. You’re too lazy to make the 10-minute car ride to your friend’s house.

Chances are your friends at home don’t live just down the hall or a five-minute walk away from you. The thought of having to drive all the way to your home friend's house, which is across town, makes you want to cry. It’s not that your friend isn’t worth it - her house is just so far!

5. You actually miss sharing a room with someone.

Whether you love your roommate or can’t tolerate her for more than a few seconds, it’s sometimes nice to have a bedroom all to yourself. Although a little alone time is great, not having someone on the spot for second opinions on outfits and to borrow snacks from is weird when you’re used to someone else living just feet from you.