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Penn State Football Whiteout
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5 Reasons Why Penn State Is Simply Superior

The college search is up and running again for prospective students, which means hopeful Nittany Lions can be found touring campus. It’s crazy to see high school students in-person again, but with mask mandates and vaccine requirements, I am glad we can safely show newcomers our beautiful campus.

As a junior at Penn State, I consider myself to be a seasoned member of the student body, despite the setbacks of COVID-19. There are millions of reasons to attend Penn State, but here are five aspects of Penn State that would convert any Ohio State super fan into a Nittany Lion loving student at State. 

The Student Section

The student section at Penn State speaks for itself, especially after being voted the best in the country by Taco Bell this past year. If you have never experienced the student section in-person, I strongly urge you to go to a game just to feel the energy. Being packed in the stands with all of your closest friends is truly an unexplainable experience and it is something only Penn State can provide. Not to mention, you may have the opportunity to be handed free chicken every once in a while, you can’t miss it. 

The Campus

Located at the base of Mount Nittany, there is no place like Happy Valley. The mix of modern and traditional buildings makes campus feel like an Ivy League, while maintaining its social reputation. You won’t make it around campus without seeing at least one person you know. Penn State truly is like a small hometown. Regardless of our 50,000 neighbors, you will see the same people on the regular. Who doesn’t like a friendly face at such a big school?

The weather

No other college can offer the wide range of temperatures that Penn State can. One day you might see 70+ degrees and the next it will be snowing, you never know what you are going to get. The excitement of waking up to 30 degree weather and ending the day in the high 80s has taught me the art of layering like no other college could. Be prepared with your snow boots and umbrella because you never know you might need them. 

The people

 Do you want to feel like a celebrity every time you walk around in PSU gear? Look no further, once you attend Penn State you cannot go anywhere without running into a fellow Nittany Lion. At the airport, on a train, in Walmart, there is no escaping the Blue and White. It makes you feel like you have a huge extended family that you see all the time! As someone who loves messing with people, nothing brings me more joy than shouting “We Are” on a crowded bus and seeing who responds. 

The town

Not only will the townies cheer on Penn State at any sporting event they can, but they really have your back. They love the students and we love them right back, which is all you could hope for. State College may look like the average college town from the outside, but what other place can you get a tattoo in a well known pizza parlor? Or have a vigil for a fallen Taco Bell? The answer is nowhere. Plus, the amount of access to pizza and calzones may seem unhealthy, but D.P Dough will forever hold my heart. 

Current Junior at PSU UP. I live right outside of DC in Bethesda, MD and I am on track to be an Advertising and Public Relations major with a minor in Business I love sitcoms, stand-up and spend my time hanging out with friends and traveling.
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