5 Podcasts for the Fashion Obsessed

In an ever-changing industry, staying up to date with every trend and bit of news is demanding. Here are five fashion podcasts to keep you on top of the fashion industry’s latest. 

  1. 1. The Business of Fashion

    The Business of Fashion is a podcast directed at those already in or interested in the fashion industry, particularly on the business side. The Business of Fashion is comprised of a team from around the world who provide listeners with career advice, tools, and experiences to succeed in the fashion world. Each week, The Business of Fashion posts a new podcast featuring all things from interviews with successful fashion industry executives to discussions regarding pressing issues in the fashion industry.

  2. 2. Fashion No Filter

    Fashion No Filter, hosted by Camille Charrière and Monica Ainley, gives in depth insight to a new subject in the fashion industry each episode. The two friends host interviews with fashion experts in a relaxed conversational setting. Along with inside looks into the fashion industry, the two friends also take time to discuss their favorite trends, bloggers, and foods all while throwing in a French flair.  

  3. 3. Vogue Style Revolution 

    Vogue has always been a top icon for the fashion industry, and their podcast falls nothing short of that. Vogue Style Revolution, hosted by Sally Singer, takes an inside look at all things fashion with weekly podcasts featuring celebrity and fashion icon interviews and discussions.  

  4. 4. WARDROBE CRISIS with Clare Press 

    Fashion meets sustainability in this podcast from Vogue by diving deep into the long-term effects the fashion world has on people and the planet. This podcast discusses fashion from a different angle and provides eye-opening information regarding ethics and the environment that is sure to change your view of fashion.  

  5. 5. Fashion Unzipped

    Fashion Unzipped by The Telegraph explores up to date news and trends of the fashion industry. The best part of this podcast is its’ “Day in the Life” features including the inside look into the lives of a London Fashion Week designer and a magazine editor. This podcast is sure to keep you in the loop of all things fashion while providing insight for those seeking to enter the industry.