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5 Places to Travel to This Summer

Choosing a place to visit for your summer vacation can be a very difficult task, so here are some of my favorite places that I’ve gone to in the past few years that might help you make this decision:


1. The Caribbean

If you love the beach, then the Caribbean is the place for you. It has some of the nicest beaches in the world, and prices are reasonable. Some of my personal favorites are Nassau, located in the Bahamas, and Cozumel, a Mexican island located east of the Yucatan peninsula. If you decide to visit Cozumel, I would highly encourage you to rent a roofless Jeep and drive around the island enjoying its incredible sceneries and weather. In Nassau, I would recommend you visit the Atlantis Hotel, and if you are an adrenaline junkie you are going to love the water park in this hotel, which features a very steep water slide with sharks at the bottom of the water. If water parks are not your thing, there are many other activities to enjoy, such as swimming with dolphins and walking through the Atlantis Marina Village, where you can shop for cheaper, as there is no sales tax in Caribbean islands. That being said, no matter what Caribbean Island you decide to go to, there is no losing as every beach is just as nice as the others.

2. Nice, France

Sure, Paris might seem like the obvious go-to in France, but this wonderful coastal city has a lot to offer as well. Nice, which is a city located in the Mediterranean coast of France, is a city that’s not only rich in culture, but it’s also a very nice summer getaway due to its stunning beaches and resorts. Also, skating or biking through the “Boulevard des Anglais” in Nice is a really great experience that you should consider if you plan on visiting this city. Nice is also just a short train ride away from Monaco, which is a destination that might interest those who enjoy luxury, seeing as this is one of the richest places in Europe. In Monaco, you should visit the Prince’s Place of Monaco if you enjoy monarchy and history, or the Monte Carlo Casino if you’re a fan of gambling. I also highly recommend visiting the famous aquarium located in Monaco, as it has a very cool architecture that makes for very great photo-ops. To top it all, Cannes – known for hosting one of the most famous film festivals in the world – is located just thirty minutes from Nice. You could go to the “Palais des Festivals et des Congrès”, where the festival takes place and take really cool pictures in the famous stairs where the red carpet takes place for the festival.

3. Machu Picchu

Named as one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World, this place lives up to its title. Machu Picchu is located in the southeastern area of Peru, and it’s truly a unique place and different to anything you’ll ever see. In order to get to Machu Picchu, you would have to get to Lima, Peru’s capital city, and then take a plane to Cuzco. If you truly want to get a better feel of Peruvian culture and its exquisite gastronomy, it would be nice to spend a couple of days in Lima before going to Cuzco. In Lima, you could visit restaurants, and I can guarantee you that any restaurant will be good – but my personal favorite is “La Mar,” which is a restaurant owned by Peru’s most famous chef, Gaston Acurio. There, you should try Peru’s most famous dish, Ceviche. Once you get to Cuzco, the best thing you can do is take it slow for the first day, as it has a very high altitude, and it might take you a couple of hours to get used to it (trust me, I say this from personal experience). After a couple of days in Cuzco, you should take a train to arrive to Machu Picchu. The only thing I can tell you is to take it all in, because this place is truly magical and you’ll feel a burst of energy and happiness that will make this trip worth it.

4. Clearwater, Florida

If you want to go to a nice beach in the U.S., I would encourage you to visit Clearwater, which is located in Tampa Bay. In my opinion, Clearwater Beach is the nicest beach in the U.S., and there are a lot of different resorts where you can stay. It’s also an hour away from Orlando, which is cool if you want to go to one of the many theme parks in that city. Clearwater is a go-to destination for a lot of young people due to its relaxing yet upbeat vibe.

5. San Francisco, California

Another U.S. city you should definitely consider visiting this summer is San Francisco. Located in the Bay Area of California, San Francisco is the perfect mix between artsy sceneries and historical spots. If you’re thinking of going here, you should book a tour of the infamous prison of Alcatraz ahead of time, as this is a very popular attraction and tickets are often sold out. If you want to get a sense of what being in Europe – particularly Paris – feels like, San Francisco is a great choice for a cheaper price.


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