5 Places To Cozy Up With A Cup Of Coffee In Happy Valley

When reading this, I hope you know I am a coffee and tea fanatic especially when my journal is next to me. So, you can trust me when I share these places with you because I frequent my time in coffee shops and bookstores.  I highly suggest that you take my suggestions to heart and get to all of them within the next few cold winter months.


So, let’s have a peak. Here are the top coffee places to check out in rural State College, Pennsylvania:


1.Barranquero Café

This cafe is new to the streets of State College. Located in the alley right beside Bagel Crust, it is the perfect place to come for a bottle of coke, fresh tea and Colombian snacks. What makes it even better is that it is locally owned, even more of a reason to go with good company on a cold day. It is a warm and welcoming environment regardless of what you’ve come to eat, drink or do. Grab a quick bite to eat or plan to stay and drink a while. Barranquero selects their coffee solely from Café Jesus Martín in Columbia. If you believe in supporting small American businesses then this is the place to go.


To Sum it up in three words: Cozy, Comfortable and Local

Location: 324 E Calder Way, State College, PA 16803


2. Webster’s Bookstore Café

This welcoming bookstore turned cafe is the best place to cozy up for studying, reading or just enjoy the company of others and environment around you. Webster’s is a community gathering spot that has a lot to offer. Sit down and be surrounded by books - it can’t get much better than that or sit down with a latte and listen to the poetry or music that is held at many events. Come to Webster’s if you’re looking to find a good read, comfortable environment, good company or fun events. Webster’s is focused on European-style coffee beverages and only us organic and FT coffee/espresso. They also have some scrumptious treats. Webster’s makes most of their cafe food in-house, specializing in vegan, gluten-free and local but also have options for EVERYONE; including meat-eaters.


To Sum it up in three words: Original, Innovative and Worthy

Location: 133 E Beaver Ave, State College, PA 16801


To learn more about upcoming events: http://www.webstersbooksandcafe.com/


3. Saint’s Cafe

Check this place out if you are looking to nuzzle up with a great pot of tea and an exceptional scone. Every nook and cranny of this cafe is detailed and homey in the best way possible. With the sun shining in on it until sunset you will find that this cafe is the right place to bring a friend or journal and relax for a few hours. Not only is the environment amazing but also the coffee is the best. Hands down believe that all though many other places serve amazing coffee Saint’s is top notch. Ask for a hot latte and receive a piece of artwork. Ask for a pot of tea and receive the best herbs. Saint’s has a great ambiance. It is inspired by travel and passion for exceptional coffee. Serving Central Pennsylvania fine tuned drinks, baked goods and treats.


Three words to sum it up: Relaxing, Authentic and Friendly

Location: 123 W Beaver Ave, State College, PA 16801



When people hear the name Rothrock they think of the local state forest but when I hear of Rothrock, I think of this cozy coffee shop and roaster located right off of South Atherton. In Fact, countless caffeine fueled bike rounds in the mountain by Jamie Bestwick inspired the name. Owner of this phenomenal coffee shop is BMX rider that also owns the yoga and fitness studio next door with his wife, Kerry Bestwick called PYP Studios. Come to enjoy the best avocado toast you’ll ever have, a great environment and a brew of coffee. With a beautiful interior you can enjoy anything from coffee, yummy smoothies and some healthy treats. Check it out if you are looking to spend a couple hours in a great spot or are on the go and just need some caffeine to get you through the day.


To sum it up in three words: Funky, Upbeat and Modern

Location: 1736 S Atherton St, State College, PA 16801



5. Abba Java Coffee House

Located right off campus this is a very underground spot (literally) that not many students are made aware of. Low key is always a great thing. The Wesley Foundation sponsors Abba Java Coffee House. This homey spot gives students a free coffee, snacks and study space. They even have free WI-FI for Penn State students.  Abba Java is a volunteer - run ministry. The Wesley Foundation offers worship opportunities, service and mission opportunities, as well as small groups and internship opportunities. What is better than a good place to study and free coffee? NOTHING. This is the spot to do group projects, attend fun events or just go to get some work done in a safe place during the day all while enjoying some free treats and drinks.


To sum it up in three words: Pleasant, Welcoming and Warm

Location: Locust Ln, State College, PA 16801


There you have it, it’s coffee season here in the trenches of State College. That means it is time to check out all of these prime spots to enjoy a good cup of joe!

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