The 5 People You Run Into Over Break

For most, winter break is a light at the end of the tunnel of a miserable finals week. There’s the promise of getting to reunite with family, home-cooked meals, someone to do your laundry and a nice long break from schoolwork. However, a return to your hometown is almost never complete without a few run-ins with some people from your past.

Here are five people you’ll probably run into this break:


1. The girl who peaked in high school.

Who she is: This is the girl whose greatest accomplishment to date is still that she dated the captain of the lacrosse team in high school. She thought she ran the school because she had a boy’s lacrosse team sweatshirt and the most recent North Face jacket. For college, she probably stayed close to home since she couldn’t put the glory days behind her. 

What you’ll say: “Hey how are you? How’s (insert boyfriend’s name here) doing?” Since that’s pretty much all that is/was relevant with her. After that, there will be an awkward pause, and you’ll make up an excuse to walk away. 

Where she’ll be in five years: On Facebook posting an obnoxious amount of wedding photos that you probably definitely won’t like. 


2. That guy you’ve not-so-secretly always had a thing for.

Who he is: You low key (or maybe high key) spent a good portion of time in class during high school fantasizing about the perfect prom night, which would lead to the perfect kiss, which would lead to the perfect college long-distance romance, which would lead to the perfect house in the suburbs with three little boys, a big yard and an adorable golden retriever. None of these things came true of course, but you still have some hope in the back of your mind.

What you’ll say: You’ll play it cool of course and say something like, “Wow, it’s been so long! How have you been?” Afterwards, you’ll analyze every single moment of your two-minute run-in at Chipotle. Was that side-hug something more? Does he totally think I’m a loser because I didn’t get guac?

Where he’ll be in five years: He’ll have moved off to a big city like NYC or Chicago to start a career. Whenever you travel to these cities for a business trip, you’ll download Tinder in hopes of magically getting matched with him and having all of your “happily ever after” dreams come true.  


3. The friend that was in your squad but you were never really close with. 

Who he/she is: You only hung out with this person in group settings and only really had conversations with via group chat. He/she may have even secretly annoyed you, but because he/she was friends with your friends, the only person you could vent to was your cat. 

What you’ll say: “OH-EM-GEE, I’ve missed you so much!” You’ll talk about your mutual friends since you really have no other common interests. Then you’ll swear to make plans, which you both know you will never follow up on, and go about your separate lives. 

Where he’ll/she’ll be in five years: You’ll probably have no real idea, but he/she still throws you a “like” on all of your Instagram pics, so you figure this person wasn’t too bad after all.


4. Your school friend who was in a different group in high school.

Who she is: She was always nice to you, but you never really knew her until you both were the only people from your town at a huge university miles from home. At the start of freshman year when you didn’t know a soul, she was there and turned out to be a pretty great friend. However, it’s a little awkward around break time when you obssess over your high school friends and forget that she’s still just around the corner. 

What you’ll say: “Thanks so much for the ride home!” Then you’ll probably get lunch once or twice where you’ll both complain about how you miss being at school. 

Where she’ll be in five years: She’ll still be someone you love to catch up with because she’s one of the only ones who refers to the same two places as home. You’ll meet up every homecoming for the big game and relive the glory days with the rest of your school friends and gossip about the latest hometown drama.


5. Your best friend from home.

Who he/she is: Many of your friends from high school have probably drifted, but you guys are still inseparable. This is the person who’s seen you at your worst and your best moments (like when you peed your pants in second grade or when you ate that whole carton of cookie dough ice cream after a huge cheeseburger and fries). Although you may go to different schools now, people still think you may be secretly dating or twins separated at birth. 

What you’ll say: Finally the time has come to catch up without noisy roommates or bad Wi-Fi messing up your description of the boy you’ve been drooling over in your calc class. Although the stories change, the advice always remains the same when it comes to those annoying college boys, “You’re too good for him. Now hand me the wine.”

Where he’ll/she’ll be in five years: You’ll meet up regularly, no matter the distance, since this person is still one of the only people who just gets you. He/she will probably be trying to make your “Fantasy Wedding” Pinterest board a reality as your bridesmaid in your upcoming wedding to your ultimate bae.   


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