5 Lessons to Learn From Change

Every chapter of our life brings change, chaos, more change and more chaos.


It’s a never-ending, yet ever-green cycle that constantly leaves you with your hands on your knees, wondering how you ever managed to tackle that roller coaster.


But you did! And that’s awesome.


The following is a list of five lessons we all should learn from change, no matter how hard, exciting, or strange it feels to go through it.


1. No matter what you’re going through, it’ll end. You’ll get through it.

I once was so scared to go down a waterslide that my dad grabbed my shoulders, looked me straight in the eyes and told me, “Laura, it will end. No matter how scary it is, you’ll come out of it.” That has stuck with me ever since.


2.  Enjoy every second. You never know what moment you’ll find yourself missing.

It’s hard to tell when you’re living through one of the best chapters in your life. So, even if it feels like so much right now— like the world is just weighing down on your shoulders— this is such an experience. So take it in!


3. Don’t lose sight of yourself.

No matter how much work you have, no matter how many expectations are stacked against you, don’t forget about that spirit, soul, heart and mind inside of you. They’re all your little cheerleaders and deserve attention, too - mental health is important!


4. Everything is an experience.

It might not be the best experience of your life. It might not be an inspiring experience. It might not be the change that leaves you catching your breath. It might not even be a lesson to you until later in life when you look back on it. But it;s an experience, and that’s all anyone can ask for.


5. You’re stronger than you know.

You might not think you can handle it. You might not think you’re strong enough. But you are. You can do anything. You’re in charge of your life. You’re rising and you’re powerful - never forget that.