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5 Hairstyles That Everyone’s Doing and You Can Too

We are only three months into 2021 and we are already seeing some of the best trends pop up by the minute. Despite the obvious challenges we have faced this year, our favorite influencers and celebrities still manage to serve us daily looks to use as inspo. 


As warmer weather starts to creep around the corner, what’s better than tossing away our beanies and earmuffs and replacing them with fun new hairstyles that anyone can pull off. Some are as easy as taking 10 minutes out of your morning to create a stunning look for the day. 


If you want to amp up your hair game then keep scrolling to learn more about some of our favorite new and upcoming hair trends that will seriously turn your hair game around. 

Bubble Braids

First up we have my personal favorite, the bubble braid. Bubble braids have made their way into fashion-lovers hearts throughout the pandemic becoming trendy all over Instagram. 


With two easy steps you can take a simple ponytail (or pigtails) look and turn it into so much more. 


Start with a ponytail (or two) and grab some small elastic bands. Then evenly secure each band about an inch apart down your ponytail. To complete the look, you simply pull apart each section creating a bubble effect. 

Slicked Back Bun

Have you been looking for a hairstyle to pull off when you have woken up late or you’re just simply having a bad hair day? 


Well I do have a solution for you; she is called the slick back pony by far, is the easiest look to put together while putting minimal effort. 


For years, I have been afraid to pull off a look as bold as this but trust me when I say it is 100% worth the try. 


Even if you feel the low pony is too much, I highly suggest experimenting with the middle part and hair gel.  It truly is a game changer. 

Adding Accessories!

By now, we have all seen the comeback of the famous 90s hair accessory: the claw clip. Thanks to models like Hailey Beiber and Bella Hadid being spotted wearing them everywhere, they quickly became one of the biggest trends of 2020. 


Not only have claw clips made a comeback, but so have other accessories including the chunky headband, colored bobby pins, headscarves, and more. 


If you’re ever looking for an easy way to spruce up your OOTD, adding matching accessories will definitely do the trick. 

90’s Blowout

If you’re a fan of 90’s fashion then you’ve always wondered how women during this era got their hair to be so voluminous and bouncy. 


If you haven’t already seen the on-going Tik Tok trend, then let me introduce you to an old trick called hair rollers. 


Not only does it create perfect and effortless curls each time but it prevents your hair from getting affected by heat damaging hair tools. 


So the next time you’re looking to achieve a salon-like blowout but are unsure how to style your hair using a hair dryer, consider using rollers. 


 You will be amazed at how simple it is to create this chic, 90’s look.

Braided High Pigtails 

Last but not least, the braided high pigtails. This has been a go-to style for me ever since I was first introduced to the look by one of my favorite instagrammers, Chloe Felopulos. 


The hair style is not only easy to do but a fun way to add to your overall look. From personal experience this has taken my hair game to a whole new level. 


While it may seem intimidating at first, I promise introducing pigtails to your life will quickly become something you wish you tried sooner. 

Hi! I'm Alexa and I am a junior at Penn State University majoring in Journalism with a minor in art. When I am not writing articles for Her Campus, you can find me binging Bojack Horseman, browsing Instagram for the latest fashion updates, or cooking up in the kitchen.
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