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5 Comfort Foods To Indulge on While You Cough Your Lungs out at Home

Yup. The dreaded Penn State Plague has made its rounds across campus and the masses are not taking it well. Worst of all, I was sick the weekend of the Whiteout. Along with COVID-19 variants still making their rounds, faculty and staff are begging students to stay at home. To accompany the amounts of DayQuil we’re taking to get through, let’s bring out the meals and drinks that make us feel as though are throats aren’t burning.


A classic of all households, warm soup gives your throat the sponge bath that it has been dying for. There are all types of soups to choose from including Tomato, Spinach, Lentil, Chicken Noodle, French Onion and Cream of Mushroom.

Look, you put some stuff in a pot to boil and you’re on your way. Use it as a dip if you please. Soup is just a universally beloved hug masqueraded as food.


Soup and Tea are like distant cousins. But while soup is a hug, tea is more like a soft kiss that makes you feel like everything is going to be okay. It’s the self-care drink. Run yourself a bath, meditate, journal, and have some tea right next to you.

Green Tea, Jasmine, black tea, iced tea, you name it. Experiment with some honey, sugar and milk to enhance the taste. It’s time to relax, love.

Fresh baked cookies
Photo of matcha cookies
Original photo by Rebecca Karlous

Need I say more. If your nose isn’t absolutely congested, the smell alone will raise you to heaven. If you still have the strength, make them yourself and see how much your demeanor changes. Something about baking is just so peaceful. Once you take that first bite, you’ll feel so much better.


Being sick is your body telling you that it’s time to spoil yourself. Chocolate covered fruit makes you feel adored. Give your body vitamins for power and chocolate for a little care.

While you’re at it, that dress you saw online the other day looks like it wants a new home in your closet. You’ve worked hard enough, right?

Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Whatever you can afford

Hey, our brains need some nourishment as well. Consume a boat load of content because you’re not going anywhere anytime soon. I see those K-Dramas you’ve been eyeing on Hulu.

Have you started watching Squid Game yet? It’s time to re-watch every Avengers Movie.

Medicine only fights half the battle when it comes to recovery. You must give yourself a break. Self-care comes in many varieties, you just need to find the one that works for you. You can’t do well in school if you’re not well. Please, take the hint, go take a nap.

Hello, Lovelies! This is your world, but I am making a fuss in it! I am Ngozi Nwokeukwu, a third-year Telecommunications Major currently writing for both HERCAMPUS and MorphoMag! Let me take you on a tour of this mind of mine.
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