The 5 Best Ways To Beat Your Winter Slump

Winter time is one of my most disliked seasons. While some people enjoy the admittedly beautiful scenery that winter can sometimes bring, many would agree that the winter season can sometimes get them down. With its cold winds, blizzards, occasionally icy and treacherous streets and its overall gloominess, winter is not the ideal season for fair weather lovers like myself. Myself and many others much prefer the warmer weather and the beautiful sunny days of spring or summer over those of fall and winter. With that being said, there are some good things about winter and some tips and tricks that can help you to push through any kind of slump the cold season may have you in.


Drink as many hot beverages as you like

Being able to drink hot beverages like flavorful hot coffees, hot chocolate and hot tea is one of the perks of winter time. Those beverages were practically made for cold snowy days indoors, and a cup or two of your favorite beverage might just be what you need to turn the winter induced frown, upside down.


Go ice skating

Ice skating is one of my favorite past times and a very wintery thing to do. Ice skating is one of the best winter activities to do especially around holidays. It’s festive and it’s indoors. Go with family or friends and have fun. It doesn’t matter how bad or good you are at it, if you’re like Bambi on ice, or Kristi Yamaguchi, you are highly likely to see someone else wobbling around on the ice just as much as you, so have fun with it.


Read a Book

Winter time is the perfect time to find a good book or two to read. It’s the best time to snuggle up indoors, avoid the cold, wrap yourself in blankets and get sucked into a good book.  

Pick a good series to get into

Pick a good television series to get into, but don’t binge watch all the episodes in one night. Pace yourself so it lasts you all winter. If you really can’t control your inner binge monster, pick a series with a lot of seasons to it, like The Vampire Diaries or Greys Anatomy.


Get outside

I know, I know it’s cold, but getting outside and getting some fresh air, even if it’s throat burning, ice cold air it will be good for you. It is tempting to want to hide inside all winter and avoid the brisk winter winds but you will eventually get cabin fever so fresh air is a must.