4 Signs You Don’t Even Go Here

As we walk around campus, there are always people in the crowd that we just know don’t go to Penn State. It could be recognizable from the look on their faces, the slow pace of their walking or simply because they’re staring at us like we’re all animals at a safari. Either way, here are the most obvious signs that you know a person is not a student at PSU.

1. Walking in huge crowds

We all know about those huge tour groups that walk around campus. We see them gawking at all the things their tour guides point out and making appropriate noises when they’re given facts about Penn State like the mixing of ice cream at the Berkey Creamery. It’s pretty clear from the look of wonder on their faces that they’re not worrying about studying for an 8 p.m. exam.

2. Taking selfies in front of random buildings

Yes, Penn State is a very fascinating campus, and we have beautiful scenery. But you just know a person doesn’t go here when they are taking selfies with selfie sticks in front of a building instead of our nature scene.

3. Paying with cash

As college students, we rely on meal points, LionCash and our debit cards - that is our cash. We kind of just know a person doesn’t go here when you see them paying with actual paper money.

4. No backpacks, no stress

We all live very packed lives here on campus. We have club meetings, classes, homework and social obligations. All of that is evident from the looks on our faces as we all try to walk at a steady pace and still make it to class on time while thinking about our schedule for the rest of the day. It’s usually pretty obvious a person doesn’t go here when they’re walking at the slowest pace possible (please walk faster so I can get to class on time) and have a relatively unburdened look on his or her face. I envy you, passerby. I really do.

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