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4 Signs Winter is Over: Think Spring

It can be hard to keep a positive mindset during the winter, especially when it lasts as long as this one has.  In fact, we can official say “what a lovely winter we’re having this spring!” The winter weather is gloomy and cold, it gets dark earlier, and everything is covered in salt and snow.


And every fashionista knows the frustration of picking out the perfect outfit and accessories, then having to cover it up with lots of puffy, warm layers.  Well, that’s enough of the negative aspects of winter.  Good news: true spring weather is finally approaching! 

Here’s how we are absolutely positive that warmer weather is upon us:

1. Birds are your alarm clock


One of the first refreshing signs of spring is the sound of birds singing outside of your window when you wake up in the morning. There’s nothing better than birds chirping and some actual real sun peeking into your window to brighten a morning!  

2. Flowers, and what’s that green stuff – oh grass!

When you walk outside, to go get your annual free Rita’s of course, with your sunglasses and a light jacket in place of all the layers, the sight of green grass and yellow daffodils peeking through the snow is yet another affirmation that winter is finally on its’ way out.  Bulbs of budding flowers are indications that the sunshine and blue skies are here to stay a while. 

3. Outdoor activity is an option   

Arguably the best sign in Happy Valley, is seeing the friendly squirrels running just a little too close while you’re walking to class, heading to a day long, or going for a jog. (There’s actually sidewalk underneath snow all winter, who knew). 

4. Sundresses are making a come back

Spring brings warmth, sunshine, color, and positive thoughts. So put your heavy sweaters and snow gear away, dust off your favorite light-weight denim or leather jacket, and “think spring,” collegiettes! 

Kearsten is a proud Penn State alumna.  She received her B.A. in journalism in May 2015.  During her time at Penn State, she loved editing the work of her fellow writers through her position as the Vice President and Head Editor for Her Campus Penn State.  As far as post-grad life goes... as long as she can write or edit, she is happy!   
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