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3 Resolutions You’ll Actually Want to Stick With

Exercise more. Eat healthier. Procrastinate less. Every year on Dec. 31, we all make the same, stereotypical resolutions. And by the end of every January, we have probably forgotten all about them. Excuses are made, and everyone has that universal understanding that, hey, it was a New Year’s resolution; no one actually keeps up with those things.  We all end up feeling guilty, and it’s just a terrible situation.

Here are three resolutions that take the embarrassment out of our failed endeavors and provide us with incentive to continue them, instead!

1. Start an “awesome jar”

The holiday season comes and goes, and so does our focus on what we’re grateful for in our lives. It’s easy to succumb to the dreariness of winter for those of us at chillier campuses. Fight those blues by paying attention to particularly awesome things http://1000awesomethings.com/the-top-1000/ that happen during your day. Nothing is too small to note! “Someone complimented me on my presentation,” or “I got the chance to catch up with ______ (insert whoever here!),” are some examples of the little things that make our days a whole lot better. 

Write these moments down on a small piece of paper, and place them in an “awesome jar,” beginning January 1st. A year later, you will have a jar full of wonderful memories to look back on, some of which you may have even forgotten about!

2. Create a year-long photo album

This one could bring out the inner photographer in you. Try documenting your year pictorially; 365 days = 365 snapshots. Project 365 is great website to organize your photos and offers great ideas to get you started. Your photos could be of your outfit, your best friend, your toothbrush- anything! No need to always make them professional; they can be silly and spur of the moment, too.

Try not to make them all selfies, either. Narcissim ain’t cute.

3. Make it your goal to make someone’s day

It could be your dad, sister, or classmate; it could even be a complete stranger! Take the time to interact with the people around you. When you’re walking towards someone on the sidewalk, say hello and smile instead of averting your eyes. The small acts of kindness you spread could potentially inspire someone else’s. Plus, you’ll get addicted to the rush of knowing you made a person’s day a little better. Here are some ideas.

Happy New Year, collegiettes! See you in 2014.

Junior at Penn State University studying Public Relations, Spanish and International Studies. Proud writer for HerCampus PSU. Anxiously anticipating studying abroad this spring semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina! Boston-bound following graduation in May 2014.
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