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3 Date-less on Valentines Day Ideas

Between obnoxious couples Eskimo kissing at the dinner table across from you or Wal-Mart’s bombarding marketing schemes of Cupid and "He's Mine" jellybeans, you're probably dreading February 14th. Perhaps you shouldn't focus so much on what you can't do on the publicized day of love, and think outside the box. Here are some quick tips on how to turn the day of emotional misery and Sex and The City re-runs into a single girl's paradise:

1. No guy? No problem. Order an XL pizza with your girls and crack open a bottle of wine (If you're not 21, find an alternative--virgin margaritas or Shirley temples), let the couch be your sanctuary for the night while watching horror flicks. We recommend Margarita's on Beaver, buffalo chicken, anyone? 

2. You're never too old for mommy-and-me time. Spend the evening with your mom, I'm sure she'd enjoy hearing all about your latest crushes, petty collegiate drama, and “YOLO” (mom appropriate) moments of the semester. Plus, nothing says "I love you" like spending time with the woman who raised you, she deserves some TLC for putting up with you from age 14-17, yikes!


3. Reserve a table at the best restaurant in town for you and the girls. Bring out those cute pumps you've been waiting for an excuse to wear, and have a blast! You won't even remember it's Valentine's Day.


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