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24 Ways Amy Poehler Perfectly Describes The Penn State Experience

What is it exactly that we love about Amy Poehler so much? Maybe it’s the fact that she’s given us some of the most awesome TV and movie characters out there. Or perhaps it’s the awesome advice she gives us despite her typically goofy roles. Or it might be her awesome friendship with Tina Fey – no one can deny they’re the perfect tag team. Honestly, maybe she’s just awesome.

While all of the above are arguably true statements, we Penn State students could throw another reason for our Amy obsession into the pile. She actually relates to each and every one of us… a lot.

Here are 24 ways that Amy Poehler undeniably describes your experience as a Penn State student.

1. When you show up as a freshman with the belief that this must be your time to shine. You’re new. You’re confident. You’re hot – nobody is going to get in your way.


2. But then you realize that it’s hard to make yourself look even somewhat presentable for your 8 a.m. class.


3. Like, really hard.


4. And that this 8 a.m. class happens to be all the way over near the Lion Shrine. Yes, in the exact opposite direction of your dorm.


5. When your days consist of cramming overly greasy, somewhat nasty dining hall food into your mouth in between classes.


6. And it gets to the point where nutritious foods actually make you somewhat uncomfortable.


7. When you manage to snap a picture of Old Main from exactly the right angle at exactly the right time of day during exactly the right weather.


8. When you and your friends walk up to the door of your first college party and know that you’re killin’ the game.


9. Only to discover that, “We’re full, sorry, and we’re not letting anyone else in.”


10. When you’re about to cross College Ave. and a biker, crazy driver or CATA Bus basically threatens to knock you over.


11. When you realize that the school spirit here is unlike anywhere else you’ve ever been before.


12. To the point where it would probably overwhelm students at other schools… which makes you even prouder.


13. When you finally get to the front of the line at the HUB Starbucks and are able to place your order.


14. When you try to explain THON to outsiders but can’t possibly find any words that could do it justice.


15. When you notice that Penn State students, as a whole, are actually pretty attractive.


16. When Pitt students try to start a Pitt vs. Penn State rivalry.


17. But hey, you have to applaud them for their efforts and their extreme amount of nerve in trying to do so.


18. When you forget to bring everything besides your ID, and you pray that this place takes Lion Cash.


19. To your surprise and utter relief, they do.


20. When you sit in class like the fantastic student you are and try your hardest to absorb what the professor is saying.


21. But then you realize that the work is probably going to be harder than you ever thought.


22. And that college in general is actually very, very hard.


23. Then you have those days where you wake up and wonder why you ever decided to come to Penn State in the first place.


24. Yet, at the end of the day, you go to bed knowing that you’re beyond glad you did because there’s no place you’d rather be than Happy Valley.

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