20 Golden Saturday Night Live Sketches You Need to Watch Right Now

Laughing is one of the greatest feelings in your life. Why not simplify that by watching some Saturday Night Live skits? I’ve compiled some of the funniest, quirkiest and all in all amazing SNL skits I’ve seen in my short 19 years of life. If you're feelin’ blue, here are some SNL skits for you.

1. Girlfriends Game Night  

Girlfriends Game Night is a skit about a group of girlfriends who are extremely surprised when one of their gal pals, Jeanie (Cecily Strong) shows up with her boyfriend, Boris (Bill Hader). What causes a lot of laughs is that Boris - who is significantly older than Jeanie - informs her that his Viagra has just kicked in. With this information Jeanie and Boris… um, seize the moment in front of their friends, making for a great girlfriends game night.


2. The Librarian

If I say librarian what’s the first thing you think about? This skit, The Librarian is a cacophony of laughter. It features a group of men, (Kyle Mooney, Bobby Moynihan, Mikey Day, Alex Moffat, and Kenan Thompson) who become infatuated by, you guessed it, the librarian. They are soon surprised when this librarian (Margot Robbie) has a few odd tricks up her sleeve.

3. Undercover Office Potty

Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney have been two of my all time favorite SNL cast members for a long time so it was a given I’d add sketches that feature them. In Undercover Office Potty, Johnson (Beck Bennett) is an office worker who constantly has an urge to… how do I put this… um, take a sh*t. This is obviously inconvenient for him, seeing as that he works at an office. So he does what any wise man would do. He buys lamps that become his undercover office potties. His coworkers though, start picking up on some suspicious smells coming from his lamps.

4. Farewell Mr. Bunting

A bit dark and highly gruesome, Farewell Mr. Bunting, is SNL’s parody of the beloved film, Dead Poets Society. When Mr. Bunting (Fred Armisen) returns to his old class to pick up his things he is surprised to see his students stand on their desks to honor him. Alas, one of the students forgets there’s a fan right above his desk.  

5. Basketball Scene

You can never go wrong with Jimmy Fallon. In this skit, Basketball Scene, the background actors (Jimmy Fallon and Mikey Day) are attempting to play basketball as instructed by the director, but they seem to have a bit of trouble. They’re constantly stopped by the director because of their stupidity when kicking the ball and hitting each other. I mean you can watch two guys be straight f***ing dumb by just lookin’ out your window. But this is a must watch for the pure stupidity of it.

6. Bad Boys

A recreation of your typical 90s show with exaggerated acting is all I ask for in life. This skit has one of the loves of my life, Chris Pratt playing a “bad boy” named Maxie. He makes friends with a couple of bad seeds and then steals his roommate Ben’s ball. Now I know what you're thinking, how on earth could this be funny? But geez louise let me tell you, this is comedy gold.

7. Birthday Party

Oh Ryan Gosling, my sweet, sweet man. In the sketch, Birthday Party, we are blessed with Ryan Gosling playing a good lookin’ dad. I mean what more could you ask for? Melanie, (Aidy Bryant) one of the girls at the party, is obsessed with the pops and starts to make her friends uncomfortable at the party. Her bizarre obsession with her friends father makes for a hilarious skit!

8. Close Encounter

Close Encounters is one of the most iconic SNL skits I think I’ve seen in my day. I mean it once again blesses us with our beautiful boy, Ryan Gosling. But more than that, it has so many breaks in character, making the whole sketch so much funnier. Listening to two people speak about their beautiful encounters with aliens while the outlier, Ms. Rafferty (Kate McKinnon) talks about all her misfortunes, is hilarious.


9. Kissing Family: Brecken Brings His Boyfriend Home

Okay, have you ever felt so uncomfortable that you laugh? That is exactly what this skit will do to you. This is one of the most awkward sketches to watch and yet it makes this list because it is so funny. I mean featuring people like Fred Armisen, Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader along other greats, how can that get any better? The quirky little Vogelchecks are always down to share the love in a very… intimate way.

10. FBI Simulator

I cannot tell you how many times I’m just sittin’ at my desk alone and all of a sudden think, “CAN A BITCH GET A DONUT?!” This is such a hilarious sketch with the one and only, Larry David. How could you ever think this isn’t a funny sketch if it features such a comedic genius? The sketch is about FBI trainees that have a task of shooting the people they think are “bad guys”. The only issue and what makes this sketch hilarious is the question of whether Kevin Roberts is a bad guy.


11. Papyrus


Who would have thought that fonts would be the perfect premise for a sketch? In Papyrus, Steven (Ryan Gosling) is obsessed and almost traumatized by the fact that the Avatar creators chose papyrus as their font. This starts taking a toll over his life, and people don’t know how to deal with him. This sketch is incredibly funny and you need to watch it.


12. Science Show

Having a guest accidentally drop the F bomb is pure comedy gold. In this sketch -Science Show- the guest, Sam Rockwell, plays a science teacher on a kids show. Unfortunately the kids he has to teach are really f**king dumb, so this obviously causes a lot of frustration. In one of the scenes Mr. Science (Sam Rockwell) asks the students a question. Out of frustration that they simply do not understand he blurts out by saying, “you can’t be this f**king stupid.” This was definitely not planned but it made the sketch just that much funnier!


13. Natalie’s Rap 2


You wouldn’t really expect someone like Natalie Portman to make you burst out in laughter,  but let me tell you, she did that. In this skit, Natalie Portman raps about her life, making her look tough as f**k. It also features Andy Samberg, so how can you not love it?


14. Career Day

Career Day, a sketch that will make literally anyone laugh! In this sketch, Mordecai (Pete Davidson)  has his father (Adam Driver) come in to talk about his career in the oil industry. To much of the audiences surprise his dad is like hella old. Like very, very old! This is so funny cuz Adam Driver plays the father in a super eerie way which makes it 10 times funnier. Truly a must- watch sketch.


15. Permission

Men rapping about respecting women is… amazing. In Permission, Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd known as, the Booty Kings, are rapping about well, you guessed it... permission. They are accompanied by Uncle Butt (Pete Davidson), Lil Wayne, and Future. All of these men gather to rap about how you gotta respect women and their choices. They obviously throw in an aspect that make the sketch funny while keeping that main message there. We love that!  

16. ‘80s Party

A throwback sketch is all I ask for. ‘80s party is about a group of college kids just having a grand ol’ time. You know, what’s not to love about partying like there’s no tomorrow and thinking that you have no consequences to your actions? In this sketch, all of these kid’s futures are shown to the audiences, which makes it hella funny!


17. Inside SoCal Newer One

I said it once, and I’ll say it again, Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett are comedic geniuses. This kind of humor is hard to find, and it isn’t for everyone. It is a bit dry, but this is prime comedy in my opinion. Inside SoCal is supposed to be a super chill show, where these guys report the “news”. What they actually do report is just straight stupid s**t that is hilarious, a must watch!


18. The House with Chris Hemsworth

Parodies of a reality show are always givin’ me the giggles. In this sketch, once again, we have Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett killin’ it. But wait, it gets better. We also have my mans Chris Hemsworth. All of these guys live together in a house but when two of them go out to eat without the third, yeah it's an issue. This is obviously an absurdity but that’s what makes it so funny. The exaggerated effect of a reality show is perfectly executed by these guys.


19. Bugs

When a bug yells, “I’m going to the supermarket”, how can you not laugh? Bugs is a sketch about two brothers that are on a mission to talk to bugs and find out where they are going. I mean the premise is funny as is, but having two grown ass men puttin’ mics up to little ants on the street had me dying!


20. Heroin AM


I think I truly saved the best for last. Who would have thought that making a commercial for heroin would be such a hilarious sketch? Heroin AM is staged as a commercial for your day to day heroin users who ya know, just want to get through their day while also enjoying things they love… heroin. Honestly you just need to watch this sketch.


Now, go watch these skits to distract yourself from all the work you have to do. Happy watching, collegiettes!