17 Times We Were Team Brooke Davis

If you have heard of Brooke Davis, you know she is the epitome of a fictional character that went from easy high school girl to businesswoman turned super mom. She is from the dramatic, life-changing television show that is One Tree Hill. From her early days of being naked in Lucas’s car to getting the guy and the family she always wanted, it’s hard to believe anyone would dislike her with everything she has gone through and everything she has overcome.

Here are 17 times we could all relate to one of our favorite TV boss women.

1. Her loyal friendship to Peyton.


2. When she realized she didn’t have to be perfect.


3. Every time she tried to get back with Lucas.


4. Her friendship with Mouth.


5. How she forgives Peyton for falling in love with Lucas.


6. When she opens up about her insecurities.


7. When she hid from everyone about getting robbed.


8. When she gave up on guys and became a badass businesswoman when she was still in high school.


9. When she came back to Tree Hill and never left.


10. Every time her mother came to town.


11. When she finally got her guy.


12. When she took in Sam as her own and made her a better person.


13. When she had to work for her shoes.


14. How she helped get Nathan and Haley together (Thank you, BDavis).


15. When she helped Rachel get out of trouble.


16. Whenever she preaches.


17. And again.


Brooke Davis Forever.


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