17 Times Grey's Anatomy Characters Got You

Every Thursday, I turn on ABC and wait for my 17 best friends to grace the TV with the exciting stories that fill the hallways of the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. After 11 seasons, I feel like these people understand my everyday life from dealing with my early morning professors to understanding the struggle of going out.


1. When Dr. Avery described your 8 a.m. professor


2. Bailey understands your feelings when you have to be the head of the group in a class project


3. When you are getting tired and just can’t study anymore, Karev tells you how it is


4. The Chief knows how you feel when that annoying person in class tries to outwit you     


5. Little Grey knows exactly what you’re feeling when you start stress eating for that big exam coming up


6. When you’re not feeling like yourself, Meredith’s always there with a comeback


7. And when people ask you stupid questions, G.I. Joe, Dr. Hunt tells it how it is


8. When you accidently bump into someone and spill your drink on them. Thanks, Kepner


9. When you successfully go out in the snow and don’t fall while wearing your high heels. Callie knows


10. Teddy knows how it feels to be the only sober one on a night out with your girlfriends


11. Those times where you literally can’t even; George is there


12. When one of your ex-boyfriends decides to text you at 2 a.m. on a Friday night, Yang has the best advice


13. When you need a confidence booster, Arizona is always your go-to girl


14. When you took that extra shot last night at the social and now your head hurts, Izzy’s got you


15. Sloan knows how you feel when you really just need a hug


16. When you need someone to shed the light in a dark situation, Derek knows just what to say


17. And when in doubt, dance it out like Burke


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