16 Restaurants in State College That You Probably Didn’t Know You Can Order Through Grubhub

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With so many food options here in State College, sometimes it’s hard to figure out where you want to go. It’s even harder when you really don’t want to leave your warm bed and Netflix. Well, don’t worry, Grubhub his here to help. With fast delivery from your favorite places, the possibilities are endless and you never know what you’re going to end up with. There’s so many options, that sometimes you get lost and don’t know what to order. SO here’s some places that you might not have known were on Grubhub to make your night a little easier. (And, if you’ve never ordered from Grubhub before, use the code “hcpsu19” for $7 off of your first order of $10 or more!)

1. Bagel Crust

2. Playa Bowls

3. Irving’s

4. Yallah Taco

5. Bradley’s Cheesesteak & Hoagies

6. Primanti Brothers

7. Green Bowl

8. Mad Mex

9. Champs


10. The Corner Room

11. Uncle Chen’s

12. Duck Donuts

13. Cafe Wow

14. Olive Garden

15. Applebee’s

16. Red Lobster

Use discount code HCPSU19 for $7 off your first $10 order.