15 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Bill Nye the Science Guy

Even if you’re not into science, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Bill Nye the Science Guy is the best. And we love him. We grew up watching Spongebob Squarepants and That’s So Raven for fun, but Bill Nye the Science Guy was, no doubt, the best educational show out there. 

And so, in honor of Bill Nye speaking in Penn State’s very own Eisenhower Auditorium on Nov. 18, here are 15 reasons why we should all be excited to see our most beloved scientist.


1. The best science class periods in high school were the ones where you got to watch Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Wait, those episodes were meant for elementary schoolers? ....nuh-uh.


2. The spinning head from the intro.

Look at it go!


3. He’s the toughest science nerd.

I wouldn’t fight him.


4. You’d be lying if you never considered becoming a “science guy” yourself.

I mean, I’d look good in a lab coat, right?


5. You got super excited when you found out that his show was on Netflix.

Oh, if you didn’t know, his show is on Netflix.


6. Sometimes, he’s Bill Nye the Serious Guy.

But he’s such an engaging speaker, so it’s all good.


7. That one gif of him cursing.

This both ruins our childhood and makes us love him even more.


8. The picture of Bill, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Obama smiling and being pals.

He’s so famous that Bill Nye even said himself, “The president got to meet me. It was very good for him.”


9. We have so many useful reaction gifs thanks to him.

Which one to use???


10. And we can’t forget Dancing with the Stars.

Even though he only made it to Week 3, he killed it on the dancefloor.


11. You just can’t help smiling when you see him.

Like, just look at him.


12. He stands up for women’s rights.

All the more reason to love him, honestly.


13. He’s subtly sassy.



14. And he’s never stopped being cool.



15. Last but not least: whenever you start singing the theme song, everyone around you immediately joins in, and you have a real HSM moment.

“Bill Nye the science guy - Biiilll Nyyye the science guuyyy - BILL, BILL, BILL, BILL!”

Thanks for everything you taught us, Bill Nye the Science Guy. Science Rules!


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