13 Things You See On Halloween Night In College

Forget what you thought you knew about Halloween - when it comes to college, this holiday night is an entirely different spectacle. From costumes and parties to the weekend-long celebration, Halloween becomes more than just the 31st of October. Here’s what to expect when the end of October rolls around:


1. People going out no matter what night Halloween falls on.


2. Girls dressed like slutty animals… or basically slutty anything.


3. Make-out sessions between the weirdest of costumes.


4. Lost props/costume attire lying around the parties and streets.


5. Packs of sorority girls in matching costumes.


6. The guy wearing a “This is my costume” shirt.


7. The adorable couples costumes that remind you of how brutally single you are.


8. No candy anywhere… but plenty of alcohol.


9. The people who took the “black and orange” theme of Halloween to a new level with their “blackout.”


10. The a**hole who decides to be a clown and scare everyone.


11. Halloween night somehow becoming an entire weekend.


12. The people who actually spent and wasted money on a real costume.


13. Most of all, everyone having fun acting like kids again on the best October night(s).


Happy Halloween, collegiettes!