12 Struggles Everyone Faces During Winter In Happy Valley

All aboard the Happy Valley winter struggle bus! Buckle your seat belts; it’s going to be a very, very long ride. No matter where you’re from, winters here are the worst and we all share the same struggles. The only choice we really have is to laugh it off and remember that it’s not just you. We’re all going to spend the winter looking like Eskimos falling on our butts all day, so it’s okay to laugh. Here are some of the worst winter struggles every single Penn Stater, past and present, can relate to:

1. Realizing that fall was only here for like 3 weeks and it’s already over.

2. Denial that winter is actually here.

3. Realizing that winter is here to stay until the last week of school.

4. There’s nothing you can do about it, so at least you’re prepared, right?

5. Every day you are personally victimized by the full CATA buses.

6. Sweating like no other when you step into any building.

7. Trying to master the art of making it look like you “meant to do that” when you inevitably slip on ice.

8. Wearing heels in the snow...

9. Fighting the urge to just go to sleep at 5:00 P.M. when it starts to get dark.

10. Gaining weight, despite your efforts not to.

11. Seriously weighing the pros and cons of never leaving your warm, cozy bed ever again.

12. First day of remotely spring weather and…

So that’s all, folks! We’re Nittany Lions, so no matter how bad this winter may become, we’ll make it through like we always do. I’m sure we all will at least get a few laughs at our own expense or at the expense of others when we are miserably walking to class, because Penn State refuses to EVER cancel classes. A student can dream, right?