The 12 Stages of Getting Ready in the Morning

Getting up for classes in the morning is a pain, no doubt.  No matter how early or how late you have to wake up for your class, it’s always a struggle to pull yourself together for yet another day of learning.  Here’s a timeline of a typical day in the life of a sleep-deprived collegiette:

What is that horrible beeping? Oh… Ten more minutes please?

I just don’t want to get up yet… let’s check the phone.


*Looks in mirror*

1.    Hmm let’s pick an outfit…

2.    Why don’t I have anything to wear?  

3.    Guess I’ll just wear this sweatshirt and some leggings... AGAIN.

4.    Maybe if I put on some makeup and do my hair, nice people will still think I look somewhat presentable.

5.    Makeup will only take ten minutes, right?

6.    Let’s see here… foundation, blush, mascara and eyeliner.  Let’s try to not mess up my eyeliner this time.

7.    Crap, once again, the eyes don’t match. I’ll just make the other one thicker.

8.    Yep... let’s just start over.

9.    Oh my gosh, this is so hard. So much concentration.

10. Almost ready!

11. Ugh, the mirror is literally my worst enemy.

12. Looks like I’ll just have to wing it.

Hope your morning goes well, collegiettes! If all else fails, just remember this: