12 Signs You’re Secretly an Old Lady Living in a College Kid’s Body


People always say that your college years are meant to be the craziest years of your life. From late nights at the Phyrst to early mornings outside of Beaver Stadium, the college experience never fails to be memorable. But some students aren’t crazy about the college life, and relate more to people in their 70’s than those in their 20’s. If these apply to you, you might just be an old woman living in a college kid’s body:  


1. Your legs are on fire when walking up the hill to class

Seriously... did the hill grow since last year or am I just really old?


2. You pass kids on their way out when you’re on your way home to your nice, warm bed at 9 p.m.

"It's way past my bedtime."


3. You spend your free time cleaning your apartment and watching HGTV

"I swear to god if I hear Carol complain about a paint color one more time..."


4. You call your mom daily for the latest family gossip

"Okay, grandma did what?!"


5. You can’t understand any of the songs on the radio

Who...are these people?


6. You wake up two hours before your alarm

Whether you want to or not...


7. You always text your friends to make sure they got home safely

“You’ve been gone for like five minutes, are you home yet?”


8. You have your ‘hip’ friend send you translations of words you hear around campus



9. You’d rather invest in wine and a cheese plate instead of beer and fries

But you refuse to spend $7 for a glass of wine when you could have a whole bottle for the same price.


10. You always have candy at your apartment to offer your friends

"Eat some candy while you’re young, sweetie! One day it'll go straight to your hips."


11. You never buy anything unless you have a coupon for it

Which probably means you’ve joined more rewards clubs than anyone else your age.


12. Once you take out your contacts, nothing is getting you out of the house

"Sorry, mama's in for the night."


So don’t let anyone bring you down for choosing to do college differently, collegiettes! Embrace your inner old lady and live whatever kind of life you want to!