11 Times We Were All Elle Woods

Legally Blonde is one of the best movies of the 21st century, hands down. We’ve got feminism, we’ve got dogs, we’ve got Reese Witherspoon, could you really ask for more? Despite being made at the very beginning of the 2000’s, Legally Blonde is still incredibly iconic and Elle Woods helped shape us into the best versions of ourselves.

  1. 1. When the salesperson tried to screw Elle into buying a dress at way over the price

  2. 2. When Elle gave up on love and threw her chocolate at her TV

  3. 3. When Elle knew exactly what she wanted

  4. 4. When Elle absolutely destroyed Warner

  5. 5. When Elle gave us the best fashion advice known to woman-kind

  6. 6. When Elle had the self confidence of a goddess

  7. 7. When Elle made a pretty important point

  8. 8. When Elle prioritized herself over everyone else and learned how much she deserved to be happy

  9. 9. When science saved the day

  10. 10. When Elle gave us the most important advice of all time

  11. 11. And the most iconic moment of all time: